How to make a Stealth Battleship – WW2 Style

This week, we find out how to make a 30,000 ton lump of steel vanish into thin air, even when it’s shooting you. And all you need is a little help from an air force and a clock…

46 thoughts on “How to make a Stealth Battleship – WW2 Style

  1. Only way it could be better was if it was Warspite

  2. AnimeSunglasses says:

    Britain in WWII: an entire nation playing the trope of Guile Hero to the hilt.
    (That hilt usually ending up in contact with the back of some poor German sentry, courtesy of Msrs. Fairbarne and Sykes.)

  3. Don’t apologize for giving us great content! Always have a couple of videos in the “can” as a backup and holiday submission. Relax and we will enjoy.

  4. TheOtherSteel says:

    The electronic voice in this video is horrible. Please stop using it.

  5. John Rodrigues says:

    Don't call me Shirley!

  6. John Rodrigues says:

    This is really a great video Drach!

  7. PePeMan69 _ says:

    wg needs to make HMS revenge a premium BB with thr gimmick that in night maps it can only be detected around 5km away

  8. I really enjoyed your video. Thank you.

  9. Michael Schroeder says:

    I love your dry humor!

  10. wrongway1100 says:

    That's a brilliant plan

  11. Eric Adams says:

    And a small part of it (and a part from Royal Sovereign) became part of the Jodrell Bank telescope, now a world heritage site.

  12. I can't help but think of Kryten in Red Dwarf popping up behind the Inquisitor and saying "Excuse me sir, could I possibly just distract you for a brief moment."

  13. John Kelley says:

    That was very interesting and an event I did not know of. Thanks for sharing this.

  14. Never ever heard of this event before! Thanks a lot! No matter what else, the QE-class and the R-class battleships certainly gave the British taxpayer a ~lot~ of bang for their money.

  15. Don Feeney says:

    A rare photograph of Cardinal Richelieu atop a late model Panzer IV is included I see.

  16. Dgwphotos says:

    The USS Washington benefited from a distraction at the 2nd Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, although in that case, it was USS South Dakota.

  17. Greg Hartwick says:

    I thought you were going to mention the first use of “dazzle camouflage”. This was interesting but the battleship was not “stealthy”, the mission was.

  18. Scott Drone-Silvers says:

    Fredrick the Great would have certainly approved of this as an excellent example of his quote: “L’audauce, l’audace, toujours l’audace”

  19. Michael Harrold says:

    All very interesting, but please, please, try to be !ess chatty and much more concise. The extraneous chatter diverts attention away from the core content of this video. Sorry, but…

  20. berges104 says:

    Dad and I played a MIDWAY game for years. US player can search any 3×3 square so long as he controls MIDWAY. IJN has a limited range to search. I took IJN, held station for the first movement turn so he would scout closer than I really was. I managed to sneak into striking range and had found his carrier fleet. I wiped out his fleet before he thought to put up CAP and next turn moved on Midway.
    He called me a cheater but sometimes a slow moving fleet can sneak in and drive home a dagger.

  21. This is how I buy cookies when my kids are around. I put one box in sight (the decoy) and hide one back in the cupboard somewhere. I get at least a few that way. Usually Tahitis.

  22. First Drach video I watched amazing how far you have come

  23. Duncan Buchanan says:

    This makes me think of Sir Francis Drake and his night attack on Cadiz in Spain on April 29th 1587, which helped England defeat the Spanish Armada one year later.

  24. Lezard Valeth says:

    REALLY makes you wonder that the British Navy couldn't imagine the Reichsmarine pulling off something similar with the Channel Dash two years later.

  25. eatthisvr6 says:

    i bet a bloke in a shed thought this plan up

  26. Racecar Meerkat says:

    You thought that it was-a the RAF, but it was a-me, Revenge.

  27. John Rodrigues says:

    Watched this a second time. Still gives me a chuckle. The only thing that would have confused them more hanging fishing nets from the mast and maning the rails with crew armed with fishing rods! Fish and chips anyone?

  28. Dexter cochran says:

    British admiralty:
    *Slaps hull
    "This baby can sneak up on so many Germans…"

  29. Isaac McAreavey says:

    Just become the hood and have the stern so far in the water it's a submarine!

  30. 0:54 what on earth is that?, looks like a more sane looking Zumwalt

  31. Douglas Strother says:

    "And now … how not to be seen."

  32. mark ewings says:

    Makes one proud to be British.

  33. Martin Johnson says:

    Nobody expected the Spanish Inquisition at 2:50.

  34. JZ's Best Friend says:

    It couldn't have been more dramatic, even if Sir Francis Drake had stood on the bridge.

  35. marc amant says:

    Pure English/british humour, if I may

  36. And I thought it was going to be about the camouflage paint attempts, or the netting to disguise turrets.

  37. Ricky Breckenridge says:

    Wish this ship were in World of Warships.

  38. Ah, the age-old trick of shouting at someone to look up before slinging 15 inch HE shells at them. Works every single time!

  39. Mike Torres says:

    No version like a di-version!!!

  40. Level 98 Bear Hunting Armor says:

    Nobody expects the Panzer IV

  41. Frederic Alden says:

    Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

  42. Guardsman Miku says:

    this has gotta be one of my favourite ww2 stories god damn thats amazing

  43. Hrodebert M. says:

    Awesome video, using a magicians trick of distraction to make a battleship invisible.

  44. Tri Nguyen says:

    At 2:38 is that the tirpits? Cuz she’s got torpedo

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