How It Works: Torpedoes | World of Warships

Torpedoes ahead! In the new episode, we’d like to tell you about torpedoes, the most dangerous and efficient armament in World of Warships!
What types of torpedo are available in the game? How do they work? To learn answers to these and other questions, watch the new episode of the most useful series on our channel!

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50 thoughts on “How It Works: Torpedoes | World of Warships

  1. World of Warships Official Channel says:

    3:16 In Update 0.7.11, the mechanics of torpedoes dealing damage to a destroyed part of a ship were changed. Now, a torpedo hitting a ship in any such part will cause guaranteed 1/10 of the maximum damage.

    4:26 Please note that the game interface has been updated since the release of this video

  2. Crimson Vulpes says:

    Me: I wonder how torpedoes work…
    WoWS: (Talks about game mechanics)

  3. firefox30570 says:

    "So little damage"


  4. (Jonathan) CHOI Jonathan Ba says:

    Sweet home Alabama

  5. This is the most entertaining guide for a game I've ever seen

  6. Off-road Gaming7475 says:

    Add the Alabama in the world of warships blitz please

  7. Jonathan Liu says:

    Let’s do something, every time torpedo is said, launch a torpedo at the enemy

  8. Elmer Sebastian Kurniawan says:

    Wait… Alabama should be south Dakota battleship… Right?

  9. Irene Liong says:

    Why does eyerybody care about fuso?

  10. Nγx๏γ says:

    To annoying for the game

  11. EmperorRyanII Gaming says:

    I love how much World Of Warships put into their game to give us a more realistic experience.

  12. Are you using contact or magnetic fuse? You shoot a torpedo under the ship and you can break the ships back.

  13. French Fry in your McDonalds Bag says:

    Why can't we counter torpedoes with other torpedoes

  14. ancus Lee says:

    Fuso got hit by a "air warship bomb"

  15. Did anyone notice that fuso said help me 1:20

  16. Fuso:


  17. 佐原鯖九 says:


  18. Wow very realistic lol🤭

  19. Unbearable Suffering says:

    i dunot know i just shootey shootey and sometimes it lands in good place

  20. Emmanuel Papadakis says:

    That is why I love Wargaming above other war game company like War Thunder; they actually listen to their players and viewers, take notes and fix things they don't like.

  21. hendro nbc says:

    You save now fuso

  22. Mitali Sinha says:

    Sir what will happen when a torpedo hit the alambam's steering

  23. A stranger you’ve met on the internet says:

    i love how they just yeet another ship at fuso

  24. Raniel Felix says:

    Can i play this game on android 10 phone?

  25. How it works: Basically you spam a bunch of them and kill everything.

  26. What are single fire torpedos?

  27. Farragut class Destroyer says:

    No one:

    Alabama: HELLO THERE

  28. Bruno Tredowski says:

    why fuso every time stop abusing fuso

  29. mothra 777 says:

    Please wolrd of Warships why we don't add submarine in World of Warships Legends just please please

  30. mothra 777 says:

    Why is Alabama kick through so away did you know just trying to get a training about a torpedo just dropped Alabama into the front desk hurt

  31. AetherHorizon says:

    I miss the navyfield 1 days investing in bulge.. lol

  32. Reginald D Mosley says:

    How good would people be without torpedoes in the game?

  33. Cristy Barangan says:

    i instald world of warships and subscribe it its so fun

  34. china ball says:

    Ur actually being friendly to battleship Fido thank u

  35. Tomasz Nowak says:

    Torpedoes rule this game

  36. 1:18 That made me laugh.
    The way you just throws Alabama at Fuso like that, and Fuso just is flung of to the side like that. Absolutely brilliant. XD

  37. Abhishek ahuja says:

    i think i might record that and make it a fuso abuse meme

  38. Abhishek ahuja says:

    its fun when you throw ship at fuso

  39. Abhishek ahuja says:

    i think fuso should be abused

  40. Ignacio Sindhu says:

    Guys, stop worrying about Fuso, she teleported away, right after Alabama hit her

  41. Ken Pepper says:

    Okay, I've watched this and have gotten a fair idea of how torpedoes work. But I have a question. Yesterday, in a coop battle, I was coming around an island as a Soyuz was heading through the passage between this island another one and we began brawling. I had to slow down to keep from ramming her as she continued to cut across my brow. Further ahead of me an enemy ship came from behind a third island and fired 8 torps at me. Good news for me, the Soyuz was in my path and all torps hit her broadside. The bad news for me was she didn't receive any damage. How can this be?

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