How it Works: Flooding | World of Warships

In this episode we will tell you about the flooding mechanic, and how to prevent it.

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22 thoughts on “How it Works: Flooding | World of Warships

  1. World of Warships Official Channel says:

    1:30 The flooding damage value of 0,5% is also applied to Puerto Rico and Yoshino.

    3:28 Information from the Wiki presented on the video may be irrelevant due to changes made to the game since the video's release.

    3:57 Upgrades were updated in version 0.9.1. The relevant list of upgrades, their descriptions, and correct icons can be seen in the game client.
    5:07 Please note that the game interface has been updated since the release of the video.

  2. Louie Jay Esteban says:

    Poor Alabama

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  4. I kill enemies before they even start flooding

  5. 190 Sambbit Parhi says:

    Even ap of large caliber can cause flooding

  6. I’m COOOL! says:

    What if a bb overpens a destroyer at water line level, is there no flooding?

  7. Trent Riley says:

    Talks about Benson flooding
    Shows Alabama as Benson

  8. Lucas Zhang says:

    Does ramming work in Blitz

  9. CARIAGA, Daniel Luis P. says:

    Did, did they just flawlessly trick me into watching a bit of math to see if a torpedo will do flooding on a ship?

  10. The red Heavy says:

    Crew use flex tape to repair the hole

  11. Eugenio 400 says:

    How flooding works?

    Haha water go Flusshh

  12. When you get set on fire and flood at the same time

  13. Use flex tape to prevent flooding

  14. Dhammika Thushara Kandepola says:

    PLAY WORLD OF WARSHIPS thank you😀😀😀

  15. Brecken Sims says:

    Dear War Gaming

    Please make a video explaining why an enemy ship's shells can hit below or above my ship and still magically hit me.

    Thank you, A WOWS player

  16. KennethVG says:

    Why am I watching this even I don’t have the game

  17. Nameholder Placeholder says:


    Flooding and used damage control? I diagnose you with dead.

  18. Ali Tandel says:

    this game didn't have to be this complicated.

  19. can you make USS RANGER less
    than 68,000 and make it 40,000 and make the armo higher pz 🙂

  20. Wheatley Who Lives In Space says:

    I remember back before they changed flooding, people complained it was too harsh. Really they still do. It's a *boat*, of all of the bad things that could happen to it, I think a giant hole in the bottom is probably the worst thing.

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