Horrifying Booby Traps – Vietnam War (Marine Reacts)

Vietnam War booby traps were one of the main weapons the Viet Cong used during the war. In fact, they relied so heavily on them that they used the booby traps both offensively and defensively. The Viet Cong would booby trap the small amount of weapons caches they had, any routes of communications they used, and the areas surrounding some of their hidden base camps. The Viet Cong also learned to booby traps items that the allied troops might be interested in, then they would leave them lying in plain sight.

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36 thoughts on “Horrifying Booby Traps – Vietnam War (Marine Reacts)

  1. Brent Gustafson says:

    My dad was a SEAL during Vietnam and he said one of the worst torture methods they would do is take tiny sharp bamboo splints and dab them with a little position and put them underneath your fingernails .

  2. Vishwa Kumar says:

    America fucked in Vietnam War… 🇻🇳 courage is more important than bomber plane.

  3. Kevin Hebstriet says:

    My father was a green beret in Vietnam he was a tunnel rat and told me about the trapa that where in the tunnels

  4. Sacred Exaltation says:

    The narrator talks so quickly then stops and talks again. It's so annoying. 😂

  5. Cokebottles says:

    Scariest booby trap? Dude I wouldn't be able to handle the trees speaking Vietnamese let alone any of their booby traps.

  6. darkspartan 127 says:

    Hey why won't the video play? Every other video plays fine but this one can't even get past 5 seconds

  7. Long live the Vietconngs .They didn't let America win over them .

  8. tony stark says:

    And now we're good friends with them…….. Go figure .. . 🤯

  9. GT Temper says:

    He said 2step charlie or cigarette snake m8 that's not slow and painful 😖

  10. Mark Hill says:

    I went to Vietnam in 2019, went both Saigon and Hanoi war museums. They showed many examples of these traps. Overall experience was very nice. The people were extremely nice and friendly to me being American. Going back soon. Great video!!

  11. The problem was the mindset. The US soldiers had no real reason to be there. They had orders and a faint idea to save the west from commies but the vietnamese fought for their home. It's a war no army can win without dropping nukes. If someone would invade the US they would lose. Same went for vietnam. There was no way except complete elimination. Everyone in vietnamese lines was expedable. Every vietnames could be a spy…

  12. Noni Playz シ says:

    Everyone’s talking about their grandpa about being in war, but did anyone notice that guy was talking fast

  13. VietKong Man says:

    Scariest Fun fact: The Vietnamese also had a technique that used feces to cover up anti-tank or anti-personnel mines, so if you were a mineswepper, i hope you are ready to get your hands dirty.

  14. dillon atkisson says:

    Those palms are nothing to play with. Same thing happened to my boss a piece of the spoke broke off in his arm got infected. He had to have 3 surgeries to get it out. Most palms are lined with some kind of toxin to protect themselves.

  15. Paul Bautista says:

    I wonder if they used prostitutes, or brothels, as a form of guerilla tactic as well. Surely they would think that a venereal disease spreading to a whole platoon could wreak havoc on the logistics and capability of a fighting force.

  16. Exploration Taiwan says:

    Vietnamese true warriors. Took out pol pot the maniac in Cambodia and China at the same time China lasted two weeks . USA lasted years .

  17. Derick Lee says:

    All they would have needed was two weeks of -40 weather down there and the Americans would have won the war haha

  18. #HF {ヨーロッパ} says:

    10 years after kicking the French, they had to deal with the Americans, and kicked them 20 years later. Viets are pretty tough…

  19. First of all Vietnam is there country and you invaded it. What ever they did was self defence.

  20. Booby traps and improvised munitions, the poor man's deadliest weapon.

  21. Wrecked Boy says:

    If you ask me, what's the scariest thing in Vietnam's war? I think the cameraman, the field reporter, is probably the scariest thing out there.
    Leak of information Different photographs were sent by journalists in the field. Or even the radio that reports the news I think this is scary. Because in addition to being difficult to block, it can also spread better.

  22. I went to the war museum in Ho Chi Minh City and Cu Chi. I don't recommend if you a sensitive vet. It's told from there perspective.

  23. No name 187 says:

    Can you please do a review on Cambodia 🇰🇭🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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