HMS Warspite – Guide 008 – Part 3 – Special (Human Voiced)

As requested, the Warspite guide is now available in human voice-over!

31 thoughts on “HMS Warspite – Guide 008 – Part 3 – Special (Human Voiced)

  1. Cale Roberts says:

    its hard to believe my great grandad served on this ship.

  2. mike henthorn says:

    It is a shame that so many of the English warships that did so much are not saved Museum. So much history sent to the breakers hurts my soul.

  3. This thing had one seriously pissed off and angry machine spirit.

  4. Hyennavernhya Von Ragnarok says:

    I know it's not realistic but the royal navy should build an exact replica (and by that I mean the real ship) warspite all over again. I don't know how much it would cost but come on Britain your owe spite this one

  5. Darth Nerd says:

    This thing in WoWS isn't as good as you would think.

  6. Forrest Tucker says:

    TKO by a bread loaf 🤪

  7. Douglas Herron says:

    This has got to be one of your best videos! Nearly choked on my tea laughing about the bombarded by bread story… X-D

  8. Hotelmanshb says:

    A great ship with a great name and history. Great crews also, that's 99% of it.

  9. doveton sturdee says:

    The following tribute was written by a former member of Warspite's crew, who saw the Old Lady in Prussia Cove, Marazion, after she had broken away from her tow en route to the Breakers. I defy anyone not to be moved by his words:-

    "The Subject"

    You say you have no subject

    And your brushes all have dried;

    But come to Marazion

    At the ebbing of the tide.

    And look you out to seaward,

    Where my Lady, battle scarred

    Hugs the rock that is more welcome,

    Than the shameful breakers yard.

    Paint her there upon the sunset

    In her glory and despair,

    With the diadem of victory

    Still in flower upon her hair.

    Let her whisper as she settles

    Of her blooding long ago,

    In the mist that mingles Jutland

    With the might of Scapa Flow.

    Let her tell you, too, of Narvik

    With its snowy hills, and then

    Of Matapan, Salerno

    And the shoals of Walcheren;

    And finally of Malta,

    When along the purple street

    Came in trail the Roman Navy

    To surrender at her feet.

    Of all these honours conscious,

    How could she bear to be

    Delivered to the spoiler

    Or severed from the sea ?

    So hasten then and paint her

    In the last flush of her pride

    On the rocks of Marazion,

    At the ebbing of the tide.

    Lt-Cmdr R A B Mitchell.

  10. A_ Norwegian says:

    well, the warspite sadly didn't get the justice she deserved, but her ship's wheel still exists. its hung up in the Narvik majors office,

  11. Veil of Persephone says:

    This ship really was a fighter! I agree it's a shame she was scrapped. It would be great to see her as a museum ship today! Greetings from Germany!

  12. Megalodon says:

    I would say that scrapping the Grand Old Lady was practically a war crime. At least one British battleship should have been saved, and this was definitely the one to save. The most decorated warship in British history should have been saved. It didn’t matter how bad the financial situation was. A special exception should have been made for such an incredible ship. Shame on the bastards that decided to scrap her.

  13. Claude Bedard says:

    The Warspite deserved to be moored in Portsmouth, along with the Victory and the Warrior.

  14. der bananenbaumler says:

    That thing burried my grandpa alive in cherbourg…
    But after all an awsome ship

  15. patrick keefe says:

    There are some great pictures and videos of battleships firing their guns, but understandably fewer of what it was like on the receiving end! However, Drach mentions Warspite hitting Giulio Cesare (Julius Caesar) at 26,000 yds and, astonishingly, that moment was captured by an Italian film crew onboard: – I normally show people from about 6m30secs in, but the near misses at 6:50 are terrifying, leading to the hit at 7:00 (followed by damage control).

  16. Warspite after Fritz X: “I didn’t hear no bell.”

  17. DrRocketman 779 says:

    "Blowing Nazi positions off the French coast"
    I thought he was going to say, "blowing them off the face of the earth. "

  18. Andrew Hunt says:

    The sniper of the Royal Navy 😉

  19. alex ethridge says:

    She died as she lived. Ramming something.

  20. After watching it I immediately sail her at sea in wowsL

  21. Its an insult that such history was never going to be a drydock museum sold for scrap

  22. Leopard 2A6 says:

    My grandpa was on the Warspite during D-Day. He is doing well at 95 and only just got a cane last year, I am planning to get a tattoo of the ship

  23. Most angry warship ever built by man

  24. BustinLooseRacing714 says:

    Let’s hope the new Warspite doesn’t ram anything else😂

  25. She might have been called HMS Belligerent, certainly she was a belligerent old girl and went out on her own terms.

  26. Warspite by name…
    A ship with Spirit; a spirit flicking the V at everything that tried to end her. That'll show 'em!

  27. Satch Persaud says:

    Hands down the sickest name for any war ship ever made, i dont know why or how they could come to the conclusion to scrap her…

  28. That she wasnt saved as a museum ship is an honest to god travesty.

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