HMS Rodney – Guide 146

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33 thoughts on “HMS Rodney – Guide 146

  1. Dafydd Llewellyn says:

    Rodney and Nelson were known as the "Cherry Tree" class (cut down by Washington) . . .

  2. Billy Kitahama says:

    My grandfather was onboard the Rodney during the battle with the Bismarck. He wasn't a member of the ship's crew, he was a 'hitchhiker' on his way to pick up an east bound convoy. The one thing I do remember my father telling me (I never met my grandfather, he died in 1944), was the damage done to Rodney by her main armament. Big 'I-beams' running through the mess deck had been bent sideways by broadsides Rodney fired.

  3. Simon Skidmore says:

    My Grandfather Bill Skidmore was a Stoker on HMS Rodney for two years and was on board when she sunk The Bismark.

  4. alex brown says:


  5. Bernard Timmer says:

    At the end of the war, early in the morning, she approached German occupied Jersey avoiding detection all together. She nearly pounded the Germans into submission, if she'd struck around she might have the Germans surrender as they had been marooned after DDay.

  6. Would love to have seen one of these two ships kept for posterity.

  7. Jack Russell says:

    I like how the british worshiped the hood for looking cool and made fun of these girls for lookin like oil tankers

    but when it came down to it rodney came out on top while the hood went to the bottom

  8. Anthony Moise says:

    Battleships 👈🏻🤦🏻‍♂️HMS Rodney 💪🏻🇬🇧

  9. placid renegade says:

    I was lucky enough to shake hands and buy a pint to a ex HMS Rodney veteran a few years ago. Very humble and was actually solemn about watching the Bismarck sinking.

  10. Nigel Easton says:

    Don`t quote me on this but I read somewhere that on her way to the States for her refit. subsequently hijacked by having to pop along and sort the Bismarck out , she was also carrying the last of the British Gold Reserve en route to Canada. Like the Warspite she was just one of those glorious old warriors that couldn`t keep out of trouble to the very end.!!!!

  11. Nathan Hubball says:

    Where were the torpedo tubes on the Nelson class ships? + How many were there?

  12. Robert Peace says:

    Why wasn’t one of these magnificent ships kept as a museum piece? Bloody miserly British government as usual!!

  13. Ho yin Ng says:

    While Hood displace more than 43000 tons in 1940s as a Battlecruiser, and manage to sink after mag detonation, the mere 34000 tons Rodney did an awful good job to sink Bismarck

  14. Rodney was simply lucky not to engage an intact Bismarck. In a real battle, not sitting-duck-shooting, Rodney would have had less chances than Hood. So there was no captain's skill to develop. In the opposite, the Brits fired more than 3.000 heavy artillery-shots on Bismarck and only 400 hit, a miserable performance in reality on an exercise target.

  15. Great video. Any chance you can do one for my grandfather's ship, HMS Lowestoft (U59)

  16. doveton sturdee says:

    I hope you read this, Mr. Drachinfel. There is a strange person on here calling himself michaelbizon444. Apart from his more obvious shortcomings, as demonstrated in his increasingly bizarre posts, he has convinced himself that you and I are one and the same. I would be most grateful if you would be good enough to disabuse him of this.

    Not, by the way, that I am offended in the slightest by being identified with someone clearly as well-informed as you are.

  17. From what I've read it was battleship gunfire from this ship and other British and American battleships, (all of them old apparently) that played a big part in keeping German armored forces from approaching the coast where the Normandy landings were taking place.

  18. C4E Tablet says:

    Bismarck:Britischer oil tanker going to America,let's sink it!
    Rodney:Vector their salvo splashes,they think we're a tanker..

  19. C4E Tablet says:

    'This time unhampered by the need to send German capital ships to new homes on the ocean floor..'A studied dryness,not without affectation,nonetheless marks a very individual narrative style..

  20. TheMightyB58 says:

    The Rodney Class were the Mullets of battleships serious "business in the front, party in the back" design.

  21. Roy Willis says:

    As a Shipwright in Devonport Dockyard around 1969, my mates and I used to bunk
    (stow all our tools and snack etc.) aboard a decommissioned? ship called The Rodney.
    Were there two HMS Rodneys?

  22. Doyle Hargraves says:

    IMHO, HMS Rodney was the best battleship in the Royal Navy. Design flaws and worn out machinery aside, Rodney sunk the Bismark. That says quite a bit.

  23. I believe the engineer in Rodney hailed the captain to tell him, "She cannae take the strain Captain."

  24. So, in review, a 16" shell fired inland at a German mobile unit was bad for their 1) health 2) existence 3) remaining upright. Uh, I can't kin this. May we please review some examples? 😉

  25. I dont think there was a ship in the RN that wasn't particularly or totally worn out by the start of the war.

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