HMS King George V – Guide 021 (Human Voice)

The UK’s first fully Treaty-compliant battleships are the subject of today’s video.

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22 thoughts on “HMS King George V – Guide 021 (Human Voice)

  1. LifeLongStrong says:

    Only the Yamato exceeded it's protection? News to me. Every analysis I've heard puts Iowa top of the list, even over Yamato due to materials and construction, followed by SD and Richelieu, with NC class in close behind. KGV guns too small and too few. Figures I have put penetration at less than US 14/50. (KGV 14 slightly heavier, but much slower) Much less penetration than 16/45 or 16/50. Weight of broadside 15,900. All modern US 24,300. Loss of PW showed weakness in protection system. (Admittedly, something SD partially shared, but NC did not) As for armor. The NC class had 12" on .75" at 15 degree out slope providing 16" vertical equivalent. The SD and IA had marginally thicker armor, internal, at 19 degrees providing 18" vertical equivalent. Turret face on NC 16", roof 7", deck 7 to 7.7 total thickness. SD turret face 18, roof 7.25, deck 7.85 to 8.175 total thickness. Know of no reliable source suggesting British armor was superior to American. Remarkable achievement, considering the industrial capacities of both nations. Arsenal of Democracy versus starving island in the middle of the North Atlantic. Too bad none of this better armor made it's way onto any of their tanks. Also curious that an underwater protection system designed for 1000 lbs warheads was savaged by 500 lbs warheads on the Japanese aerial torpedoes of the time. Have never heard anyone suggest KGV anything better than an adequate compromise. Would have certainly been the under dog in any one on one with anything other than the Italians or French, because of fire control. Would have never survived against any US BB. PW would have gone down with Hood if Bismarck had pressed its advantage.

  2. Peter Davy says:

    Anson and Howe were originally to have been called Jellicoe and Beatty but it was felt that using those names would only re-open old arguments about who did, or did not, do what at Jutland. It was therefore decided to name them for two 18th century Admirals instead.

  3. Ser Garlan Tyrell says:

    My favourite naval photo is of 3 of these beauties together in Portland harbour.

    Thinking about the relative effectiveness of British armour, it's possible that 8-25% are all true under different circumstances. For example, the advantage in British armour might be increased vs high-velocity projectiles (compared to American armour with their overly thick face-hardening).

  4. Chucky Thedoll says:

    They should have kept this ship for it's historic value. It and Warspite. Warspite said hell no to scrap and sunk herself.

  5. Ven Geance says:

    I clicked because of the (human voice). Nice narration too.

  6. Shrike142 says:

    We really should have gone with the triple 15"s…..

    Then we could have made the Lions a four turret triple 15" ship.
    It would have been so good. Damn politicians always have to ruin everything.

  7. Ollie Williams says:

    My great grandfather served on this ship throughout the entirety of the war, even during the battle of the Bismarck. He worked in the artillery units

  8. Mary Lerida Antonio says:

    imagine a battle ship with ten quadruple main batteries and 500 triple barreled
    secondary batteries and a thousand anti-aircraft guns
    U.S.A would be a killing machine if the US though of that the brits nazis and ijn would say what the f*** is that
    and they got wreck to hell by that killing machine
    EDIT: s*** why is the repusle so weak in BOW and they should add some more ships

  9. Karen lvl 1 : im going for the manager
    Karen lvl 50: CEO BOII
    Kareb lvl 100: going for the king

  10. Joshua Sheppard says:

    Very interesting learning more about the ship, my great grandfather served on her as a gunner when she was hunting the Bismarck!

  11. ビッグディックダチ says:

    "A new battlefield huh, heh heh, that suits me fine… so, are you my Commander? King George V, at your service."

  12. I can't help it, the turret layout just looks hideous. Effective or not xP Plus 2/3 of the class's most "famous" engagements are Prince of Wales getting driven off by Bismarck, and getting sunk by Japan. Duke of York sinking Scharnhorst feels overshadowed.

  13. Stuart Aaron says:

    I felt that Anson and Howe were such dull names compared to the three other KGV class ships. I know that Anson and Howe were famous British admirals, like Hood, Nelson, and Rodney, but still I thank that they could have been named Iron Duke (after Jellicoe's flagship at Jutland) and Audacious (after the ill-fated dreadnought sunk at the beginning of WWI).

  14. Thank you for this…very informative.

    I like the way the British designed this ship (considering the treaty limits)…armour first, guns second.
    I would rather be in a battleship with lots of armour and slightly weaker guns rather than the other way around.

  15. Åke Eldberg says:

    Are there any films of images about the Blücher (1940, not WWI)? Would be interesting to learn more since it came to an unexpected end…

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