HMS Illustrious At The Ready WW2 Battleship Cine film footage

HMS Illustrious the first in my new library of old cine film of the last 100 years.
HMS Illustrious an aircraft carrier which was part of the Mediterranean fleet and fought in the Pacific during world war two is no longer with us,this piece of historic footage and many more was found in a skip many years ago and has lay in a cupboard until now.
Also in this cine film are many planes of the fleet and HMS Obedience which took part in the Normandy landings during operation Overlord which was rehearsed on the beaches of Inveraray in the west of Scotland.
I shall bring more glimpses of the past as we digitise the cine film over the coming weeks and months.
There are many films covering many countries and subjects all filmed by individuals on there personal Cine cameras.
My name is BigfootDigger and I live in central Scotland my main hobby is metal detecting, relic hunting also some bottle digging.
But history is the one vein that runs through it all and my love of cine film of the last 100 years is another way to look back through social history through the eyes of the public of the time.

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