HMS Illustrious At The Ready WW2 Battleship Cine film footage

HMS Illustrious the first in my new library of old cine film of the last 100 years.
HMS Illustrious an aircraft carrier which was part of the Mediterranean fleet and fought in the Pacific during world war two is no longer with us,this piece of historic footage and many more was found in a skip many years ago and has lay in a cupboard until now.
Also in this cine film are many planes of the fleet and HMS Obedience which took part in the Normandy landings during operation Overlord which was rehearsed on the beaches of Inveraray in the west of Scotland.
I shall bring more glimpses of the past as we digitise the cine film over the coming weeks and months.
There are many films covering many countries and subjects all filmed by individuals on there personal Cine cameras.
My name is BigfootDigger and I live in central Scotland my main hobby is metal detecting, relic hunting also some bottle digging.
But history is the one vein that runs through it all and my love of cine film of the last 100 years is another way to look back through social history through the eyes of the public of the time.

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18 thoughts on “HMS Illustrious At The Ready WW2 Battleship Cine film footage

  1. mackan2017 says:

    Also great if you can change your Header Title from ”WW2 Battleship” to ”1950s Aircraft Carrier”……this was filmed in the early 1950s…..👍🏻⚓️⚓️

  2. mackan2017 says:

    You have no idea how important that piece of restoration is…..please send a copy to the Imperial War Museum film section in London….they will treasure it and it will be preserved with other RN footage forever⚓️It’s priceless, and you’ve done a fantastic job!!😀👍🏻⚓️⚓️

  3. aitchbeebee says:

    My Grandfather was the first Captain.

  4. neil lang says:

    my father served on that ship..great film to see

  5. wendy hamlet says:

    Thank you so so much for the films xx
    My dad Arthur Charles Pike was on board during ww2
    I have many photographs from his service time however I have never had any moving pictures xx
    Thank you again for sharing xx


    some really great footage there norman nice wee video

  7. Moira Black says:

    Very much enjoyed that Norman. My husband used to work at rosyth dockyard👍🤗

  8. The big man metal detecting says:

    That was wicked mate where did you get the film

  9. Urban Druid says:

    Good to see, had an uncle serve on Lusty, happy memories of a visit.

  10. Oh my! That Ringneck Pheasant was so incredible! We had them in Northern Wyoming and a family of them lived in our shelter belt!
    Loved the old vid of the naval operation!

  11. John Lawrence says:

    Nice video, enjoyed the old film!

  12. GOODTOGO Detecting NZ says:

    I did enjoy that ty, look forward to the next

  13. Sandra Spink says:

    Very interesting, thank you Norman 😊. You and your pheasant friend cracked me up 🤣🤣🤣

  14. Judy Trahan says:

    That film is amazing, great quality for it's age!

  15. LittleJohn_MD says:

    That's amazing to see that old footage that you managed to get up and running.

    ATB GL & HH
    LittleJohn_MD 🇬🇧

  16. Rita Milford says:

    It so reminds me of the Navy Days at Rosyth.To see the glorious Forth, Bass Rock and outline of Edinburgh as a backdrop is just wonderful.I can’t wait to see tonight’s version.You’re a talented man, thanks for giving us such variety of content.

  17. Yvonne Wilson says:

    Wonderful to see this – thank you so much for sharing.

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