HMS Dreadnought – Guide 001 (Human Voice)

HMS Dreadnought, the first dreadnought battleship and game changer for the British Royal Navy, is today’s subject.

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43 thoughts on “HMS Dreadnought – Guide 001 (Human Voice)

  1. Patricia Soha says:

    iPhones totally asked for all the shade….

  2. HMS Dreadnought says:

    ah, feels good to be in the battlefield, 1916.

  3. Dean da Silva says:

    1:14 you brought that French pre-dreadnaught video on yourself mate lol

  4. Gabe Borinez says:

    ok who here would prefer buying a dreadnought over an iphone

  5. DrRocketman 779 says:

    I just love the name, Dreadnought.

  6. weldonwin says:


  7. Martina Vaslovik says:

    I've always wondered what are those slanted tubes along the sides of the Dreadnought?

  8. mikepette says:

    Sea change pppppfffffttt

  9. Marie BCFHS says:

    Dreadnought means fearing nothing
    I believe

  10. Marcus Robertsson says:

    Are you sure it was cheaper than an iPhone?

  11. Anthony Ryan says:

    Dreadnought’s designers seemed to have the right idea about secondary armament. Could you produce a video examining the usefulness of secondary armament on battles? Whilst not an expert in the area I do feel that few battleships used secondary armaments to the extent where their cost,weight etc was justified.

  12. Alan Adams says:

    Greetings Drach; Is there a general video somewhere on torpedo nets? I actually saw a picture with them deployed on Dreadnought today.

  13. Baron Von Jo says:

    I love in South Carolina. Damnit Britain why couldn't you let me feel pride in saying Pre Carolinas instead of pre Dreadnoughts T.T

  14. Brendan Montague says:

    Well that was short

  15. itsmebatman says:

    It's kinda bizarre that the invention of these ships soured the British-German relations to the point they were willing to go to war against each others. Before the dreadnought there was no way Germany would have caught up with British battleship numbers. But when this ship type basically rendered all old ships obsolete the race suddenly was on. And stubborn as they were both the Germans and the British kept trying to out-build each other instead of making a compromise on the negotiation table.

  16. Red Pineapple says:

    Russia was build drednouts type Sevastopool .Russia didn t order war ships in UK

  17. HEDGE1011 says:

    “My eyes…they burn…please make it stop.”

    Never were truer words spoken. And to think that always style-conscious France came up with those things.

  18. "you can't make friends and oppress people using an iPhone'.. That didn't age well

  19. Drunken Jedi says:

    I always feel like it's a criminal waste that we have so few museum ships. Aside from HMS Belfast there are no examples of our maritime past preserved from this age of naval warfare. Even HMS Warspite, the most celebrated battleship we ever had couldn't be saved for future generations.

    At least the Japanese were persuaded to preserve the Mikasa, that's something I would very much love to visit some day.

  20. Trey Helms says:

    Real shame they didn't preserve the ship.

  21. Hat Trick says:

    given the choice between the new iPhone 12 plus siri xlt turbo and an old Iowa class… I’d go with the Iowa class every day.

  22. Gregory Brewer says:

    If the reciprocating engines were so bad at maintaining high speed how could big transatlantic ships such as say RMS Olympic use them for some 30 years to maintain their high speed and keep up their schedules?

  23. cyrus cheung says:

    Why dose British have a lot of Dreadnoughts ?

  24. There's no way the floating hotel was part of the original video, was it?

  25. Brent Summers says:

    6:28 this image is not approved by Greta Thunberg.

  26. Playing with toys & games says:

    1:11 i dont understabd what i see!???!????

  27. ROBERT EWING says:

    Entertaining narration, only Dreadnought also made history as an entertainer, not knowing the foreign State visit a hoax, the language simply gibberish – perhaps Dreadnought wanted to be a show-ship, or that was her excuse – still mad at the visit she was likely to beat Temaraire to ram a U-boat, or that was Ts excuse…

  28. John Case says:

    South Carolina and Michigan were on the stocks before Dreadnaught, but Congress held them up for 2 years. I believe this was due to the debate between the 2 viewpoints represented by Sims and Mahan. If this has been covered I cannot find it. If not, it would make for a great video.

  29. Isaac Shultz says:

    Can you make a king videos talking about the significance of dreadnaught.

  30. Johann W. Coltrane says:

    I can understand why Dreadnought was named Dreadnought. But naming a lesser ship Dreadnought? When there are so many things them little'uns are skerred of? Nope. There has only been one Dreadnought, and that was on the day she got her "ready to join the fleet" papers.

  31. A question if you don't mind, what are the angular features on the hull sides , they look like pipes or some such.

  32. Daniel Brownson says:

    I dunno, I think Satsumas and Presatsumas would have been cool.

  33. headmonkeyboy says:

    Does anyone know the name of that French ship I was warned not to look at? Due to it's totally different looks I think building a model of it would be rather fun. Probably from scratch as Im sure there are no kits available, but still I may give it a go. Then enjoy all the boys over at throw some not so very fresh fruit at me.

  34. gareth roberts says:

    I am a bit mystified by the claim that steam piston engines shook themselves to pieces if run at full power for any length of time. There were a number of Atlantic liners that regularly did 3000 miles at high speed (20-21knots) using steam piston engines.

  35. Alex Huxley says:

    "Fear God and Dread Nought" Admiral of the Fleet Lord Fisher

  36. mrkerochan says:

    Robot lives matter!

  37. Khan Arif Masud says:

    The British always had a pie in the sky attitude about life. Who knows, their pie might have been an iPhone.

  38. anathanielannand Annand says:

    Man what did Iphone do that passed you off?🤣🤣🤣

  39. Christopher Moss says:

    45 years ago, when I was a med student at UCH, the ancient basement Gents toilets had urinals marked "Dreadnought". Always made me smile as I peed!

  40. leftnoname says:

    The speed and efficiency of British capital ship construction at the turn of the century is simply stunning by today's standards. It is now taking them 10 years of parliamentary debates and 10 more years of actual construction work (from outsourced materials) to build a glorified cutter.

  41. Ethan Knight says:

    Can you make a video on current/post WW2 naval treaties/limitations? I’m familiar with Japan’s restrictions on offensive capabilities (not that they care to follow them anymore and just slap “defensive use only” stickers on everything they have), but aside from that there’s not a lot of information on anything else going on right now. It’s obviously not the usual WW2 era topic but I’d love to see it nonetheless. Only other channel that I’ve seen talk about anything similar is Covert Cabal but his videos are more generalized and not as in-depth.

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