Historical US Special Forces Raid On Golden Mosque

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The raid on the Golden Mosque took place on October 1, 2004 as part of the Battle for Samarra, also known as Operation Baton Rouge. The 36th Iraqi Commando Battalion, led by US special forces troops (possibly 1st Battalion, 5th Special Forces Group), breached the compound after an AH64 Apache eliminated a three-man RPG team in the mosque with Hellfire missiles.

Once inside the mosque, the elite troops came under small arms fire from more than two dozen armed insurgents. A US regular Army sniper from 1-14 Infantry, pulling cordon counter sniper operations, engaged and eliminated another armed insurgent.

The Iraqi and US commandos ended up capturing 26 enemy fighters in the Golden Mosque. One US service member, possibly Army Sgt. Michael A. Uvanni, of the National Guard’s 2nd Battalion, 108th Infantry Regiment, was KIA during the operation as well.

21 thoughts on “Historical US Special Forces Raid On Golden Mosque

  1. Imagine all along there was no hostiles. Just men worshipping. "Hostiles"

  2. "Raiding a Mosque? But that's ISLAMOPHO…"

  3. Mohammed Mmdoh says:

    بارك الله بجهودكم دمتم ودام الوطن بكم

  4. shock wave says:

    Well what to say, the muslim brotherhood easily get sway and brian wash by American machineries and they don't stand one united. This is what they get today..


    since now it's fashionable to trash our Monuments and Memorials on 2 Continents and Australia can we just blow it up

  6. dragon888193ftw says:

    What a joke, all for 2-3 "insurgents". And in the end those same insurgents now control Iraq. Fucking tragic, useless war and dumb soldiers that blindly follow orders.

  7. ممنوع الارتباط مخبل مافيدكم says:

    Mahdi Army ✌️💪

  8. Al-iraqi Ali says:

    الله يلعن كل جندي عراقي دخل معكم في هذه المعركه
    تبا لهم ولكم

  9. Shaun Moller says:

    That is why they hate you.
    Could you imagine the outrage the yanks would spew if people desecrated a most holy place in America?
    Oh, wait……..

  10. السلام على الامامين العسكريين المظلومين

  11. Gavin Reddig says:

    I just keep thinking how this is ment to be a place of god and it was a war zone

  12. Brett Gumeson says:

    its fucked up they gotta fight in the mosque but its also fucked up the enemy used the mosque as refuge

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