Helmet Cam Footage US Navy Seals in Combat YouTube


32 thoughts on “Helmet Cam Footage US Navy Seals in Combat YouTube

  1. extra solar says:

    select criminal lieleak cowards and the cesspool lieleak sites 'service' saga excuses arent just guilty six ways to sunday, but they really shouldnt fear confession nor the truth, yet their cowardice and pozer patriot agendas arent capable of 'redefining' their righteousness. sadly.

  2. camilo trujillo says:

    8:21 didnt know mario was in the army, thats cool ^_^

  3. lil bleek says:

    Aight we get it they're not seals y'all can stop copying each other's comments now

  4. ArchAngeL Studio says:

    Another click baits

  5. Dante Negron says:

    Isn't with ASF aid with Iraqi ? This ain't SEALS

  6. Toxic_White says:

    Seals operate in small teams

  7. Charlie The Shiba Inu says:

    Doesn’t look like seals at all man, the gears aren’t as tactical as the ones they wear. Those look like regular army trying to save something

  8. [D] Alijah Wilson says:

    Sadly mate everyone knows those arent Navy SEALs.
    Plus most of their stuff isn’t released to the public and sometimes kept hidden from the President himself

  9. Maxton Baggette says:

    Navy seals using Ak-47s

  10. Amine Khitoche says:

    Its crime its mosque why they do that

  11. Amine Khitoche says:

    We never forget that

  12. Stephanie Samos says:

    LOLOL making the iraqis run in first..

  13. Kyle Amadatsu says:

    Can someone tell me what the person at 7:45 was up to?

  14. ronald martinez says:

    los testigos de jeova

  15. willbur 420 says:

    Terrorizing the people of iraq the american way

  16. they brought democracy.

  17. SketchBOOKninja says:

    Yup that’s the trucks alright . LoL wow .

  18. twenty one arctic foxs says:

    You are brave

  19. ktm crush says:

    seals would not be in a group that big either

  20. That would be scary cause u dont know if these dudes are gonna turn on u wow much respect to my fellow country men

  21. Satch Persaud says:

    Its like the local fighters are just lost

  22. Bluefields Painters Plus says:

    Oh, those guys are the “tally ban?”

  23. Love4Life says:

    If those guys are real Seals, I'm surprise they all made it through Seals training,

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