Heavy Mortar Platoon – Inchon Korea (Feb. 4, 1951)

Signal Corps ADC 8708 SOURCE: AFCF A-2835) RG 111 FILM : ARCH & APC MP, 562′ ea SilentAccession III-NAV-210
HEAVY MORTAR PLATOON Inchon Korea – 4 Feb 51,Men, of the 2nd Platoon, Hvy Mortar Co, 5th RCT, 24th Div digging in their mortars;adjusting plate on mortar. Men setting the charges on the shells. Man looking through finder, setting up 4.2 mortar. Men fire a round, then finder is put on for realignment.Two men atop tank in position observing hill. Several rounds are fired from 76mm gunon the tank.MS, man atop tank puts his hand around his head; the other man leanson the turret as big gun is fired.SV, Sherman tank standing on partly snow-covered ground.Cut across terrain to hill. Smoke moving up from hit.Men breaking down a 4.2 mortar. They have received march orders.CU, of replacing ammo in cartons.Three men lifting 4,2 out of emplacement. FS, man carrying two shells; puts them in truck.MS, shells are loaded into truck.Few men carrying their barracks bags.Men getting into trucks and trailers, pulling out to new firing position.MS, man atop tank 3rd Platoon, 5th RCT, Heavy Tank Co, firing maching gun.MLS, RV, tank standing in field. Man atop turret as the big gun is fired. MSs, man atop tank firing 50 cal MG. Man next to him looks through binocs. A hill with some smoke in bg. Another tank standing at edge of village firingits big gun. Sherman “Hula Girl” tank being directed by man on ground to another position (some snow)