HD Vietnam War Footage With Sound


38 thoughts on “HD Vietnam War Footage With Sound

  1. Someone put paint it black to this video 😂

  2. Drunken Conspiracy says:

    This is intense… it speaks volumes to the heroic soldiers, God knows i couldn't do it… thank a vet, i mean really thank a vet

  3. ツ90sanimeツ says:

    Call of duty Cold War bruh

  4. Football Dreamer says:

    Most of US soldiers didn't understand or share their reasons for fighting in Vietnam. Yet, although the Vietnamese cause was lost from the beginning, it well served as a message to the Communist leaders of the world. If you try to step in any nation and subjugate them under a Communist rule, you will face the firepower and strength of the USA. Respect and thanks to the US for safeguarding human rights and freedom in this world with their sacrifice.

  5. ALL ABOUT CATS says:

    USA is oppressive and greedy country

  6. Reinardus Darryl says:

    1:51 he still chill and smoke huh?

  7. Johan Bulding says:

    Que hermoso panorama :))

  8. the worst part is the white phosphorous

  9. Noch Adven says:

    My grandpa was a fisherman that lives in another country near vietnam. He once told me he could hear tiny explosions everytime he went fishing near nam

  10. afterburner'99 says:

    Even crickets in the juggle do keep silent at night

  11. retrospektive says:

    you know you're dead when you're telling a joke and the bush behind you starts giggling

  12. M 998 HMMWV says:

    Government can slaughter millions of people in a country a million miles away.. But its me and my 2nd amendment they dont trust..

  13. brody thompson says:

    My grandpa fought in Vietnam, and suffered for years from PTSD and diabetes he contracted from exposure from agent orange. He died in 1998. My uncle was an M60 gunner in Vietnam. He was killed in in 1967, at 20 years old. All the men in Vietnam when through hell, and we should show them the upmost respect!!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  14. PirateCorsair says:

    And this artillery was useless, maybe not the incendiary napalm tho

  15. masked dude says:

    Them men are so brave

  16. This war was not even needed

  17. A Minecraft Farmer says:

    I saws a moving tree

  18. I dont recommend watching this while you high … it shows you a different n more intense side of this video but it's a good eye awakening

  19. Kioshi Yamazaki says:

    My country 🙁

  20. Àjïth Àj says:

    Weapon firing sounds are awesome😆😘

  21. B.ratt021 says:

    2:55 – See the way that chopper went down. Terrifying. My heart goes out to u all Vietnam vets.

  22. why can't we just get along blahblah says:

    War killing everyone agent orange still effectively spreading through out the children of the Vietnam area

  23. Osterle Productions says:


  24. Captain Braggy says:


  25. Jesse Hardy says:

    Can somebody add gimme shelter by the stones to this

  26. Daniel Benitez says:

    What a fucking mess. Just a fucking mess…

  27. MrMJmusicLover says:

    Should have saved the headshot for the video ender. Would have been a better ending to all the action

  28. t h e M O L L I W A T E R c a s e r a . e x e says:

    sound design in post production

  29. American Holmer says:

    Great footage especially 3:06 shows how bad jungle combat for a marine was. Dont ever disagree with a vietnam vet, they have been in 'the shit'. Great footage

  30. Johnson Young says:

    Actually fighting in a Vietnam jungle against NVA must have been terrifying

  31. mkrislian abanto says:

    Killing in the name of

  32. Manuel Camelo says:

    this is called.. insanity

  33. Vander Marquezini says:

    Coloque um fone de ouvido e tenha um orgasmo…

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