HD Stock Footage WWII German Invasion of Russia | Our Russian Front Reels 4-5

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German invasion brings Russia into WWII, showing mobilization of Russian troops; Russian people working in factories, mills, mines, harvesting grain and any way to help on the home front, combat action between the Russian Army and the German Army.

Our Russian Front Reels 4-5
Shows the Russian Air Force, infantry , and tanks fighting for the Russian Motherland, shows bodies of dead German Army troops, burning wreckage of German plane, destroyed German tanks, German prisoners of war (POWs). Shows surrender of German soldier using a “surrender pass”. Image of surrender pass that reads ” Use This Pass To Cross The Front”. Shows wounded Russian and funeral service for a comrade killed in action. Shows Russian guerrillas receiving instructions and training. Russian bomber bombs German supply depot. Air raid alarm in a Russian village is sounded, German aircraft attack. German aircraft is hit and crashes. Shows wreckage of German aircraft. Shows Russian pilot describing air battle to his family, shows pilot and his mother. Shows small children of Russia being cared for by young girls. Shows Russian military preparing for counter attack against the Germans on all fronts.

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