HD Stock Footage WWII Battle of Peleliu and Anguar Islands – Fury in the Pacific Reel 2

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Fury in the Pacific Reel 2
Wounded Marines from the Battle of Peleliu Island placed in landing craft and taken to Hospital ship off-shore. Shows doctors in operating room.

Battle of Angaur Island, Palau Island Group. Soldiers of the 81st Army Division in amphibious landing craft enroute to Angaur Island, Palau Island Group, landing and establishing a beachhead. Soldiers dig-in, take cover and fire at Japanese.
Soldier uses flame-thrower and 50-Cal machine firing to destroy Japanese bunker. Bodies of dead Japanese soldiers. Soldiers of the 81st fight their way inland. Shows American wounded removed from front line to field hospital.

Back at Peleliu Japanese attempted to bring in re-enforcements. Japanese snipers able to hide in sunken boats offshore. Japanese snipers hidden in sunken boats off Peleliu Island are shelled and strafed. Marine planes and artillery shell Japanese positions on Bloody Nose Ridge on Peleliu Island. Marines attack Japanese cave positions on Peleliu with rifles, rocket launchers, flamethrowers, machine guns, hand grenades, rifle grenades, mortars and flame throwing tanks. Advancing marine is shot down by sniper fire. Explosive charges thrown into caves. Wounded marines are evacuated under enemy fire. Close-up Japanese soldiers coming out of caves and surrendering. Shows nude Japanese soldiers that surrendered. Close-up of dead Japanese soldiers.

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