HD Stock Footage WWII Australian Forces – Kokoda Front – New Guinea

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Military Newsreels 1945 – Pathe
The Kokoda Front Line In New Guinea
The Kokoda Track or Kokoda Trail Campaign was a part of the Pacific war in WWII. The campaign consisted of a series of battles between Australian forces and the Japanese in Papua New Guinea. Aerial view of the New Guinea jungle, C-47 flies low over clearing, drop supplies to Australian troops. Shows troops cooking over open fire, eating rations. Troops cleaning weapons. Australian Troops move down jungle trail. Troops firing mortar, Australian soldier firing a Bren light machine gun. View of heavy machine gun being fired from enclosure. Village hut being blown up, Australians firing into other structure. Hidden sniper fires. Another explosion. Large group of Australian Soldiers, close-up images of natives. Wounded soldier being carried on litter by natives. Wounded man being treated. Shows wet weather, travel and living conditions in the jungles of New Guinea.

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