HD Stock Footage Vietnam War Bong Son North of An Khe 1967 – UH-1D Helicopter – Villagers

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Vietnam 1967 – Bong Son, North Of An Khe
Aerial view from helicopter, smoke on mountain. Soldiers exit unseen helicopter and run in wet rice paddy. CU of soldier running pass, rear view as other soldiers move past. Soldiers move toward mountainous area. Soldiers in prone position with weapons ready behind embankment. One soldier fires weapon several times, appears to mark target. Fire from unseen helicopter hits ground, helicopter in low flight in front of soldier’s position. After helicopter passes soldiers leave embankment and move forward. Soldiers walk single file along rice paddy dike, steps over wooden pole fence. Air-to-air view of UH-1D helicopter in flight. Soldiers seen in doorway. Helicopter in low landing over sandy area, helicopter lifting off as soldiers run from dusty air blast from helicopter. Soldiers entering village as helicopter circles. Soldiers round up villagers. U.S. soldiers and Vietnamese ( interpreter) soldier with Vietcong suspect surrounded by women and children.

Sandy location, helicopter lands in a swirl of dust. Soldiers push suspects into helicopter; it takes off over fishing boats on beach and fishing village. Soldiers herd protesting women, some giggle. Women push villager wearing head scarf as if to get him out of sight of the Americans. Soldiers run and grab him. A woman howls. Soldier pushes a woman. Woman waves her arms and yells. An old woman with a baby takes up the cry. Women in a pack shout at the soldiers. Shows yellow signal, villagers in BG. Villagers waving arms and protesting.

Soldiers crouched in grassy clearing, move into heavy brush. Two helicopters in grassy clearing, other helicopters in flight. Soldiers search grass hut, woman with a child watched them. She picks up belongings and exits while soldier looks at pieces of cloth, belt, from basket. Woman watches soldiers looking at papers.

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21 thoughts on “HD Stock Footage Vietnam War Bong Son North of An Khe 1967 – UH-1D Helicopter – Villagers

  1. Кати Неважнов says:

    Щас магиле видно будет вам не вины люди страдали вечно жизн не тут это земля временно

  2. Văn Thọ Vi says:

    Đây là hình ảnh thật về lính mỹ vây làng bắt bớ đàn áp những người dân việt nam

  3. Cuong Nguyen says:

    My ₫a khong ₫uoc long dan va ₫an ap danVN cho nen Thua la ₫ung

  4. MrRandy494 says:

    There was no sound on color miliary film in the 1960's?

  5. Vernon Cephas Cephas says:

    I was in bong son 1967 68 at Landing zone dog d Co 227th av assault helicopter bn

  6. David Preece says:

    I was with HHC 1st Bn 8th Cav at LZ English, Geronimo, and Mustang in the An Lao Valley 1967. Then to LZ Betty an Sharon near Quang Tri during Tet 68.

  7. david svoboda says:

    Americans spreading freedom and democracy – blundering fools do they ever learn?

  8. Bobby Coln says:

    I was stationed in An Khe from Feb. 1969 to around Oct. Nov. 1969. 238th Aviation Gunrunners. The V.C. came through the wire one night and blew up about 12 of our Helicopters. Still have some of the photos of the mess they made. If anyone was in the 238th at that time and can remember Sgt, Carlyle, Paco, Tillery, Mendelhall, Sgt.League, Sashington or the cook that the Supply room Sgt. shot over a dice shooting incident or any other Soldier, let me know. email me@ bobbycoln@aol.com We later transferred down to an Air Force base to await further assignment. I think it was Phu Hep. I went home in Feb. 1970. Tillery and I live in the same area and stay in touch. I would like to hear from others too.

  9. Sara Brooks says:

    My great uncle was killed here four days before this.

  10. This is a PR bullshit film. No C-Rations, no packs or bedrolls and all have clean uniforms, no 7.62 belts, no Claymores, no LAWS, and NO entrenching tools. The RTOs are not carrying spare batteries or 14' sectional antennas. Most of the guys have no grenades and only ammo pouches for ten 20 round magazines. B Co 2/5 66-67 three canteens, e-tool, flare, pack, poncho liner, air mattress, poncho, fifteen cans of c-rations, four frags, 800 rounds, 25 magazines + 300 in the pack, at least on 100 round belt and/ or a Claymore or LAW, and often, in the Ia Drang, a mortar round, etc, 60-80 pounds.

  11. seen it I was a tunnel rat

  12. Chuck Haynes says:

    1/50 (M) Infantry 173rd. on the bridges North of Tam Quan up near Lowboy. 1969.

  13. John Elvidge says:

    Appears to be C Troop 1/9 Cav Blues. Very low level gun support, obvious troop markings. CAR-15's.

  14. Joseph Mastrorilli says:

    Lz Uplift HHC rto 1/5 Cav 8/67 to 1/68. Then we went north to Quang Tri Province just before Tet. Came home in 8/68.

  15. SkySoldier 173 says:

    was north of bongsong. in tam quan E co 4th bat 173rd Abn. 4 duce crew the hill n geronimo beach. 1970. smitty got high n some boomboom in bongsong.

  16. Back in 'nam we didn't have this HD bull shit. We had the clothes on our backs and a gun for shootin the Charlies.

  17. George Wetzell says:

    LZ English. Combat Engineers 69-70

  18. LUKE 0WENS says:

    Was on the ground for 30 minutes. pure hell.

  19. David Owen says:

    Was there, An Khe, and Hue March '67 March '68

  20. Marion Lovett says:

    I was there 1967-1968 11th AVN GRP.

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