HD Stock Footage Korean War 2nd Infantry Battle for Old Baldy Reel 1

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2nd Infantry Division using infantry, tanks, artillery and air power mount a military assualt on “Old Baldy” during the Korean War.

Soldiers in sandbagged bunker position. Troops fill sand bags. Soldier looking through binoculars as camera pan up to crest of Old Baldy as smoke drifts across peak. Troops digging in on side of hill. View across Korean valley. Korean Service Corps personnel carrying equipment up side of hill. American howitzer crew firing gun. Trucks and jeeps moving along flooded roadway as troops, waist deep in water, sandbag side of road. 2-l/2 ton truck loaded with troops, and a jeep passing on an extremely muddy mountain road under camouflage nets. 2-1/2 ton truck convoy moving up extremely muddy mountain road under camouflage nets. MP at road intersection directing traffic. Various shots flooded areas. MP at bridge. GI taking a bath in a water-filled foxhole. Artillery crew loading, adjusting elevation, and firing artillery piece. Sign: “Charley Company, 2d Inf Div”. Long shot of air strike on Old Baldy. Wounded GI being helped up hill by friends. Wounded GIs on litters being removed down mountainside. Soldier looking through binoculars, firing 60mm mortar from sandbagged position. Tracked personnel carrier moving along mountain road with wounded personnel atop. Two Korean soldiers, one wounded and limping badly, being helped. Personnel carrying a litter with a wounded soldier down mountainside. GIs sorting hand grenades and putting them in bags. GIs bringing a dead body on a litter down the side of the mountain. Heavily laden Korean Service Corp, KSC, personnel moving up comm trench. Infantry troops moving up comm trench.

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