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Mud Bogs Down Allies In Italy, The Firepower Of The Iowa Class Battleship, Hollywood Canteen For Soldiers And Starlets and Private Snafu military training cartoon.

Army-Navy Screen Magazine 1944 Issue 26 Reel 1
Mud bogs down Allied forces in Italy. Nurses walk in deep mud past tents, jeep plows down a muddy road. Shows feet only or boots only of soldiers walking in mud. Wrecker retrieves a truck mired in Italy’s mud, soldiers free a howitzer stuck in mud. Engineers use bulldozers to clear roadways of mud and blast rock from mountains for road beds.

1944 era animation using talking whales and other scenes to depict the weight and fire power of the Iowa class battleship or battle-wagon. Animation from 1940’s era. Animation is used to promote educational opportunities offered by the armed services. Animation of soldier drying boots on heater as animated bird scolds soldier for damaging boots. Stresses the importance of conserving shoe leather. General Somervell speaks about the Army Service Forces.

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  1. Lol spoiled amis think italy is tough, try the russian mud season while driving a worthless captured french truck 😉

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