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Military Newsreels: 1945 – Issue 38
The destroyer USS Buchanan (DD-484) brings the representatives of the Allied Powers to the battleship USS Missouri nickname “Mighty Mo” or “Big Mo”. General Douglas MacArthur and Lt. General Sutherland board the Missouri and is greeted by Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz and Admiral Halsey. A Navy launch brings the Japanese surrender delegation to the Missouri. Shows Japanese delegation boarding the Missouri lead by Mamoru Shigemitsu, Japanese Foreign Minister of The Surrender Cabinet.

General MacArthur speaks for the Allied Powers.

Foreign Minister Mamoru Shigemitsu signed first for Japan. The next to affix his signature to the surrender document was General Yosshijiro Umezu of the Imperial Staff signing for the Japanese Army. As Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers, General of the Army MacArthur signs and presents the first pen used to Lt. General Jonathan M. Wainwright, defender of Bataan and Corridor, and the second pen to Lt. General Arthur E. Percival, British commander at Singapore at the time of the Japanese conquest of that base.

The Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers then called upon the other signatories in the following order:

United States – Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz
Republic of China – General Hsu Yung-Chang
United Kingdom – Admiral Sir Bruce Fraser, GCB, KBE
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics – Lieutenant General Kuzma Nikolaevish Derevyanko
Commonwealth of Australia – General Sir Thomas Blamey
Dominion of Canada – Colonel Lawrence Moore-Cosgrave
Provisional Government of the French Republic – Major General Jacques Le Clerc (Count Philippe de Hauteclocque)
United Kingdom of the Netherlands – Admiral C. E. L. Helfrich
Dominion of New Zealand – Air Vice Marshall L. M. Isitt, RNZAF

General MacArthur closes the proceedings with “let us pray that peace will be now restored to the world and that God will preserve it always”. Fleets of American planes fly overhead.

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