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Invasion Of Europe: Normandy – Volume 3
LS Battleship bombarding Normandy beachhead, flash of fire and smoke from big naval guns. LS USS Texas (BB-35) fires a salvo; amphibious craft in far background. MS Free French Gloire Class cruiser Normandy Invasion. MLS LCT and LCI; steep cliffs in background. LS Task group; enlisted man in left foreground. LS Breakwater, made up of sunken ships. CU Man standing on deck of LCI in jacket and watch cap. MS Wounded man being put over side into LCM, several enlisted men in foreground. MLS Looking down on cargo deck of LCM, showing three wounded men on stretchers. CU Man picking shrapnel out of ammo ready-box, man examining a piece of shrapnel.

CU Man’s hands as he examines one of holes made by shrapnel in ready box. Piece of shrapnel laying on port hole in conning tower of LCI. MS LCVP trying to tow British landing craft that has been turned upside down; AP in background. MS Breakwater at Normandy beach, made up of sunken ships, placed bow to stern. Sunken ships, forming breakwater at Normandy beach. MS Free French man standing alongside wrecked LCM on beach. CU of U.S. Army soldier walking guard on beach; lot of debris in background. CU Man, as he examines a German, 37mm gun inside a concrete bunker.

Normandy beachhead, Task Force and barrage balloons in BG. CU Looking down into hole used for storing ammo. MS Coast Guard corpsman and Army man walking along road; Task Force seen in background. MS Looking at two German prisoners inside barbed wire enclosure. Men looking out toward Task Force from beachhead. CU USCG officer working on charts. CU USCG ensign inspecting ammo in ready-boxes. CU USCG officer looking thru porthole toward camera (scene is framed by porthole). CU USCG ensign in wheelhouse of LCI with helmsman. CU Officer looking thru binoculars, he then speaks to helmsman.

MS USCG officer climbing ladder toward camera. CU Ensign saluting Lieutenant Commander as he relieves him of watch. CU USCG ensign working on charts. CU Hands, working on charts; plotting course. MS Officer and enlisted man using blinker light for ship to ship Morse Code communication. MCU Ensign in khakis and enlisted man examining 3″-50 caliber ammo in ready-box. CU Coast Guardsman wire brushing rust off bits; ship is underway. CU Man’s hand as he is wire brushing rust spot. Four Coast Guardsmen scrubbing down deck; deck house of ship in background. CU USCG enlisted man reading comic book; PAN over to other enlisted men relaxing. CU USCG enlisted man reading magazine.

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