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German Newsreel – Excerpts 1942
Shows the interior of a submerged German U-Boat (submarine). German submarine officer looking through periscope. Periscope view from a German U-Boat of the freighter Scania. Shows large depth gauge dial as U-boat surfaces to engage a 3-mast sail boat. Sail boat crew in life raft as U-boat crew destroys sail boat with deck gun fire. Shows U-boat deck gun firing at sail boat, direct hit and large explosion.

Map locating Tunis in relation to other major ports along the coast of North Africa. LS of General Rommel in a Volkswagen Kubelwagen Light Armored Car inspecting Tunisian terrain in 1942. Point of view of driver traveling along Tunisian road, showing old Roman ruins. Vehicle is stopped by Italian soldiers placing a sign warning of mines. Another sign warning of danger. CU of two unidentified German Officers. Arabs workers carrying and stacking supplies for the Germans. German troops eat, get a haircut, wash clothes, read and relax on Tunisian Front in North Africa. German troops man trenches in Tunisia. German soldier uses windmill tower as observation post. Shows german troops in camouflaged trenches and artily positions. Shows German troops firing machine gun from emplacement. LS of smoke rising from battlefield. German troops advancing through an grove of trees and across an open field. Shows damaged tanks. German soldier repairing a tank.

Map showing location of Leningrad Russia. Footage of German soldiers preparing to fire a railroad gun at the city of Leningrad in WWII. Shows railroad cannon firing. German soldier handling power charges for railroad artillery gun. Railroad gun fires several times.

Map of the Smolensk area of Russia. Air raid alert is sounded, German soldiers in white winter uniforms rush to man anti-aircraft gun. Russian planes bomb German troop positions. German artillery and infantry return fire at Russian soldiers. CU of German soldiers firing machine guns and rifles. Shows group of German soldiers having a smoke. Shows German artillery firing. CU of Germans firing a heavy machine gun from defensive emplacement. Heavy fighting between German and Russian troops, snow covered front lines and battlefield.

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