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World War II Battle of Bastogne Belgium, part of the larger Ardennes Offensive or Battle of the Bulge. Encircled by the German Army the 101st Airborne Division fights to survive in the frigid cold winter weather. C-47 transport planes drop supplies by parachute to the encircled 101st Airborne Division. American troops gather the supplies. Scene of a crashed C-47 on snow covered field. Snow covered tanks. Soldiers in snow covered foxholes and trenches. Tanks on snow covered field firing. Close-up of soldier in foxhole using a field radio. U.S. soldiers firing rifles and machine gun from foxholes. Captured German soldiers with hands raised followed by U.S. soldier. Shows a cold, wounded soldier in a trench. Wounded soldier carried on litter. Captured German soldiers being questioned. U.S. Officer looking through binoculars toward enemy lines. Scene of a snow covered, foggy battlefield in Bastogne December 1944. Close-up image of American tank, tank commander looking through binoculars, tank crewman manning 50 cal machine gun. Two American soldiers in machine gun nest. Shows smoking disabled U.S. tank after tank strikes land mine. Wounded tank crewmen carried on litters. U.S. Soldiers advance along snow covered road. Body of dead American soldier, rifle upright in snow. Dead Graves dug, U.S soldiers buried. Wreckage of destroyed vehicles on snow covered road. General Collins and General McAuliffe confer in front of building sign that reads “Bastogne”. Heroes of the siege of Bastogne decorated. Shows a jeep with “jerry-rigged”, crude, Red Cross sign on top. Tracked vehicle tows a field gun along icy winter road, vehicle tracks spinning on ice. Cold, battle-weary American troops moving along snow covered road.

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