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World War II – Lest We Forget Reel 3
Brief scene of German General Karl von Schlieben surrender to General “Lightning Joe” Collins at Cherbourg France. Allied artillery shell with message “Happy 4th Adolph” is loaded into artillery gun or howitzer. Artillery and tanks firing. Shows French civilians and Allied Soldiers dancing in the streets, images of G.I. boots and civilian shoes only, as French civilians and American soldiers dance in celebration of Bastille Day July 14, 1944, followed by scenes of marching G.I. boots. CU of advancing American soldiers, one soldier wearing British Bowler hat. Scenes of the battle of the hedgerows in France. Allied infantry fight to clear hedgerows of German troops using rifles, machine gun, mortar fire, bazooka or rocket launcher, rifle fired grenade and tanks. Shows Army Medics caring for the wounded. Shows Allied battle casualties laying on battlefield. Shows soldiers taking a break from battle, sleeping, chasing a chicken, reading a newspaper, letter from home, taking a bath as a posted guard keeps watch, or at church services on the front lines. Shows soldiers at briefing and preparation for attack on Saint-Lo. Artillery guns are uncovered, barrel elevated, CU scene looking directly into muzzle or barrel of artillery gun, shells are fused, loaded into breech of artillery guns, tanks move into battle position, followed by lines of infantry soldiers. Tanks slowly move past road sign that reads Saint-Lo. Battle for Saint-Lo begins with artillery barrage. Allied planes attack Saint-Lo. Tanks and infantry fight their way into Saint-Lo, house-to-house street fighting. Shows aftermath of the battle of Saint-Lo. Brief image of General Patton riding standing up in jeep as tanks of Patton’s Third Army advances across France. Images of feet in G.I. boots marching across France to Paris. Allied troops parade in Paris with the Arc de Triomphe in the background, French civilians waving and cheering. General de Gaulle saluting U.S. troops as they parade through Paris. Operation Dragoon. Shows Allied Mediterranean invasion fleet and U.S. Seventh Army troops landing on the Southern coast of France. Newspaper Headlines Lyon Liberated. Shows battle scenes as Allied troops moved across France, infantry firing rifles, tanks firing.

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