HD Historic Stock Footage Vietnam War SAIGON EVACUATION 1975

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Operation Frequent Wind was ordered as the fall of Saigon became evident. This Operation was the helicopter evacuation of American civilians and “at-risk” Vietnamese from Saigon to the aircraft carrier USS Midway operating off the coast of Vietnam. Helicopter approaches and lands on carrier deck. Crowd of refugees on deck of carrier. Shows U.S. Soldiers with gear sleeping on deck of carrier.

Various shots of Navy helicopters, side of Air America CIA Helicopter, and Marine helicopters. Close up of helicopter door gunner. More Vietnam refugees arrive on USS Midway. Shows Marine guard. More Vietnamese men, women, and children arrive by helicopter.

L-19 Observation plane does fly-by indicating an attempt to land on aircraft carrier. Carrier flight deck is cleared, shows a Huey helicopter being pushed overboard, crash crews at their station as the small plane makes perfect landing. A Vietnamese military pilot, Major Bung Ly with his wife and children was on-board the small military observation plane.

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37 thoughts on “HD Historic Stock Footage Vietnam War SAIGON EVACUATION 1975

  1. Nguyen Hoang hai says:

    Hello losers

  2. Daniel Ben Gavriel says:


  3. My family left Việt Nam on an early morning of April/25 out of Tân Son Nhut airport – that was the BEST day in my life. We landed in Clark airbase, Philippines around noon after a rain storm.The air was so clean and the surrounding was so quiet as compared to the hustle bustle of Saigon in its crazy war condition. After 45 years of living in the US, my life is thus far complete (I was 18 years old in 1975) – college graduate, successful career (retired), wonderful family and world traveler. Nowadays I get to enjoy the fruit of my labor living in this wonderful country of USA as I told the people's in Việt Nam when I got to visit many times since 1998 that I am not Vietnamese but I am an American and I just happen to speak Vietnamese beside French and English.

  4. Wendi Perkins says:

    Buyout is a good name for the price paid for the ride home with Air America

  5. Why did they push that helicopter into the water when there appears to be so much space for the Cessna to land on?

  6. The famous US supremacy…they didn’t learn anything,still bullying the world in the same manner,even worst.It will stop only when the war knocks at their own door.

  7. Fabio Arrambide says:

    Bye bye yankees

  8. huu-ban vu says:

    …. On était vaincu par sa conquête.
    Pour la première fois l'aigle baissait la tête.
    Sombres jours …. (L´expiation – Victor Hugo)

    …. They were defeated by their own conquest.
    For the first time the eagle lowered its head.
    Dark days …. (The expiation – Victor Hugo)

  9. silly goose says:

    I found it very disheartening and a sad state of affairs knowing the fate of the Vietnamese people that worked for are government and the consequences they would face after we turned tail and ran you could see the desperation at the embassy as the NVA tanks rolled in to siegon shame we should have draw a line in the sand and stand bye it with out escalation I think Henry Kissinger said it was defeat or withdraw with honor or some kinda bullshit like that but make no mistake about it this is just opinion not fact

  10. Fabian Tonthat says:

    Thank you, Vietnam vets! God bless you, God bless America

  11. Trần Tấn Tài says:

    thank's American

  12. Adorable Deplorable says:

    I was on the USS Midway during this time . Mass confusion . I worked arresting gear in V-2 division .

  13. John Reilly says:

    Yea, I was onboard, it sucked, terrible time for mankind, I worked below in CATCC, we were busy……….one of the most disgusting things I remember is the south Vietnamese army soldiers, many, many,  who should not have even been aboard, pushing frail women and children to the deck, so they could get ahead of them at the chow line………

  14. great american sprit.

  15. linglingjr says:

    Wow I feel like I found treasure. ALL of this is amazing.

  16. A Student Pilot Life says:

    My grandfather is the USAF flying the Huey and he stays back to continue evacuating people until he was forced to land.

  17. Saffron's World says:

    Saigon today is a thriving metropolis with huge shopping malls and a population of contented citizens and foreign visitors. Looks like peace has finally come to a land cursed with war for so many decades.

  18. Przemysław Mankowski says:

    Irving Berlin's White Christmas is the soundtrack here I guess

  19. Robert Freeman says:

    Howdy…I was there on the Midway working the flight deck when this happened and witnessed this landing. Quite an event. The whole event was hard especially with all the families that had to leave their country. We were dumping aircraft over the side since there was no room. Watching aircraft ditch in the water as well. Along with rice, pigs and chickens..etc. their few possessions. How many firearms we confiscated accumulated quickly. One of those life long memories for sure.

  20. Rory Binkerd says:

    If you can, go to San Diego and do the Midway tour as soon as you can. There are many of the actual sailors working or volunteering there now, but they ain't getting any younger!

  21. Keith Kruse says:

    On was on a low visibility watch when the Cessna circled and dropped his note asking us to move the helicopters so he could land his plane with his wife and FIVE kids. Now mind you, that Cessna has only two seats, he had never landed on a Carrier before and he didn't have tail hook. He had some of the kids stuffed in the tail section. To help him out the Captain turned the ship into the wind and gave him a 60 knot head wind to help slow him down when he landed. Oh and the deck was soaking wet from all the rain. The airplane now sits in a Museum, I believe in TX. If someone knows for sure please correct me. OS2 Kruse.

  22. Batousimo says:

    7:48 L – Logics
    Military might lift helicopters in the air, the more fuel reserves at Cessna Lee was a full hour. 10 million dollars were drowned. Unreasonable loss of military equipment!

  23. David R. HOMAN says:

    I may consider the purchase but I need to hear the sound first.

  24. crazeygrazey says:

    On April 30th of 1975, with the Vietnam War coming to a close and the U.S. evacuating as many people as possible from South Vietnam in Operation Frequent Wind, crew aboard the USS Midway were surprised to see a small two-seat Cessna O-1 Bird Dog approach the vessel and then circle above. Flying that plane, having just escaped from Con Son Island
    with his wife and five children — also aboard — was South Vietnamese
    Air Force Major Buang-Ly. With no other communication method to hand and
    fuel running low, Buang-Ly soon began unsuccessfully dropping notes
    from the plane. Before long one hit the deck, attached to a heavy
    pistol; on it, a handwritten request to land on the carrier.

    Noticing a severe lack of vacant runway on deck, Captain Larry Chambers
    made a quick decision: he immediately ordered all available crew to push
    as many of the dozens of UH-1 Huey
    helicopters into the ocean as necessary, thus giving Buang room to
    touch down. He soon landed the Cessna perfectly, without tailhook, to
    much applause. Footage can be seen here.

    Transcript follows.

    (Sources: Images above courtesy of Midway Sailor; Image below courtesy of KPBS. Huge thanks to Nils Enevoldsen.)

    Larger image here


    Can you move the Helicopter to the other side, I can land on your
    runway, I can fly 1 hour more, we have enough time to mouve. Please
    rescue me.

    Major Bung, wife and 5 child

  25. Deanna Seder-Massengale says:

    Amazing piloting of the Cessna by Maj. Bung Ly! The mission to get as many people out of Saigon before it fell, must have been a daunting one. Many at-risk Vietnamese did not get to safety and faced torture and murder just because they worked with Americans or French. I wonder how many of the people seen in this video are still around to give first-hand accounts of their harrowing evacuation?

  26. Passerby408 says:

    Отступление, откинувшее Вьетнам назад на 40 лет. Очень жалко, что американцы ушли из Вьетнама и позволили обосноваться там коммунистам…

  27. csgxcdsbv says:

    Да…. Историю надо изучать и знать.

  28. Vlad Klimoff says:

    Why helicopters dropped from the deck?? It was possible to instruct pilots to fly up helicopters and after landing on the deck Cessna to land helicopters again.

  29. Mark Jumper says:

    April 2016 – My father, retired US Navy Commander Vernon L. Jumper, was the Air Boss of the USS Midway during Operation Frequent Wind.  This was one of the most memorable events during his 30+ year career in the US Navy.  Now, 84 years old, he serves two days per week as a volunteer Docent at the USS Midway Museum in San Diego, California.  He continues to share his knowledge and experiences as a US Naval aviator with museum visitors.  He is very pleased that no persons lost their life during Operation Frequent Wind and the only aircraft that were lost were the helicopters that USS Midway Commanding Officer, Captain Larry Chambers, ordered him to have pushed over the side of the ship by the flight deck crew.  He is particularly proud of the strong community and contributions made to American society made by the South Vietnamese refugees who escaped during the sad days of April 1975.  Other videos regarding Operation Frequent Wind with comments by Vern Jumper are linked here:  https://youtu.be/s5D7pnkF928 – https://youtu.be/AHAeUg50Pag  – https://youtu.be/J7UfzceYLWQ – https://youtu.be/xPi6s3IryDQ

  30. Allan Stanway says:

    The war they never won.

  31. Jeff Watters says:

    I was on the helm in the pilot house for most of this event and replaced just as the plane landed by Seaman Smith. I could tell you the complete story as to what was going on in the Bridge, Pilot house and the relief felt when the messenger came up with the note dropped from the plane. The deck crew acted heroically and stopped the plane before it hit the nets, which are not seen in this footage. Think moving propellers and contact with the plane to slow it. Until the note came no one knew the intent of the pilot, as it was during a war, and the prevailing thought was a water landing. It was concern for the wife and children are what brought the plane to the deck. If they had landed in the water their survival would have been questionable before rescue was assured. Okay for a single pilot but not a family.

  32. I remember most of this from 1975 from the TV like it was yesterday. I remember the plane landing and them pushing that chopper overboard. The war was non stop news on TV here in Australia.

  33. As a Vietnamese who escaped as a toddler with my parents a few years after The Fall of Saigon, watching this clip absolutely breaks my heart and left me in tears to see the flag of South Vietnam lowered as the country collapsed.

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