HD Historic Stock Footage Vietnam War SAIGON EVACUATION 1975

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Operation Frequent Wind was ordered as the fall of Saigon became evident. This Operation was the helicopter evacuation of American civilians and “at-risk” Vietnamese from Saigon to the aircraft carrier USS Midway operating off the coast of Vietnam. Helicopter approaches and lands on carrier deck. Crowd of refugees on deck of carrier. Shows U.S. Soldiers with gear sleeping on deck of carrier.

Various shots of Navy helicopters, side of Air America CIA Helicopter, and Marine helicopters. Close up of helicopter door gunner. More Vietnam refugees arrive on USS Midway. Shows Marine guard. More Vietnamese men, women, and children arrive by helicopter.

L-19 Observation plane does fly-by indicating an attempt to land on aircraft carrier. Carrier flight deck is cleared, shows a Huey helicopter being pushed overboard, crash crews at their station as the small plane makes perfect landing. A Vietnamese military pilot, Major Bung Ly with his wife and children was on-board the small military observation plane.

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