HD Historic Stock Footage Vietnam War OH-6A Cayuse Helicopter 17th Air Cavalry 1967

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OH-6A Cayuse Helicopter (17th Air Cavalry) Tay Ninh, South Vietnam, 01/24/1967

CU of helicopter pilot, cut to instrument panel, nickname “Loach”. The “Loach” was a light observation/attack helicopter. Air-to-air shot of UH-1D Huey helicopter in flight

Several long air-to-ground scenes as OH-6A helicopter flies low over dense jungle (forest) canopy in Vietnam in search of VietCong ground targets. Smoke rising from several air strikes

Cayuse Helicopter comes in for landing. CU shots of helicopter in revetment

Interior shots, seat and cyclic control stick, helicopter instrument panel

OH-6A Cayuse Helicopter taking off and landing. Helicopter hovering and making turn in front of camera

Helicopter mechanic working on Cayuse

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