HD Historic Stock Footage Vietnam War COMBAT OPERATION BIG SPRING

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Vietnam War 1967 Operation Big Spring
Soldiers resting in jungle, radio operator and officer check map. Soldiers advance through tall grass into dense jungle. They suddenly run for cover as they come under attack from the Vietcong. Soldier fires into Viet-Cong spider hole with M-16 rifle. Soldier loading M-79 grenade launcher. Soldier firing into jungle. Soldiers on alert crossing a clearing, soldier fires M-60 machine gun into jungle, as soldiers rush across clearing. Soldier speaks over radio. Soldiers walking through tall grass, bamboo, and dense brush in Operation Big Spring North of Bien Hoa, South Vietnam to reach helicopter landing zone. Soldiers resting as they wait for helicopters to arrive. Smoke rises from signal grenade. Flight of eight UH-1D (Huey) helicopters comes in for landing in clearing. Close-up of Huey helicopter loaded with troops takes off followed by several more UH-1D’s. Soldier directs large flight of UH-1D helicopters to landing. Soldiers board the UH-1Ds. Shot of landing area as UH-1D takes off. UH-1D in flight. Silhouette of soldier holding a rifle in foreground, a UH-1D helicopter in background. Pilot at controls of airborne UH-1D. Soldiers rush off UH-1Ds. Smoke rising in background. Soldiers advance across field of smoking grass. Soldiers set up a 81mm mortar in field. Soldier speaks over radio. Yellow smoke rising from signal grenade. Officers and soldier look at map. Soldiers dig foxholes and trenches. Close-up soldier speaks over radio. Single UH-1D Huey Helicopter lands. Soldiers unload Mermite cans containing food and other supplies from the copter. UH-1D takes off. Soldiers waiting in brush. Soldiers walk cautiously through jungle. Cave entrance. Soldiers walk across clearing. Scout dog leading soldier. Other soldiers follow. Close-up of scout or patrol dog on leash. Soldiers waiting for copters to arrive. Two officers looking at map. Shows food in green Mermite Cans, Soldiers going through mess line in clearing. Radio operator eating. Various shots soldiers going through the mess line. Officer looking at map on table in base camp. Long shot soldiers firing 81mm mortar. CH-47 Chinook helicopter in flight, lands with sling-load of ammunition. Soldiers unload a generator from CH-47 Chinook copter. Soldiers drive M-274 Military Mule across clearing. Soldiers load generator onto M-274 mechanical or Military mule. M-274 truck drives off. Close-up of stack of 105mm Howitzer rounds. Soldiers setting up an M-102,105mm Howitzer in field.

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8 thoughts on “HD Historic Stock Footage Vietnam War COMBAT OPERATION BIG SPRING

  1. Saved By Grace says:

    I'm here because I just wanna see the HUEYS!! Lovely helicopter! Slick!!!

  2. Buyout Footage Historic Film Archive says:

    There is not soundtrack for this film. It was shot silent.

  3. Ludus Jake says:

    Have you updated the video with audio yet ? I understand its raw and I dislike stock footage with a silly music track with but you need the sounds of war.

  4. because back then they didnt have ipods or camcorders like today. They just had film. If you wanted sound then you wouldve had to buy a special type of film with a special magnet strip in the film or you would have had to use a separate recording device. Being in the jungle in the middle of a war you wouldnt want a big clumsy recorder. The special sound film was also expensive and the camera crews needed a lot of film so they had to buy the soundless kind. I hope that answered your question.

  5. Buyout Footage Historic Film Archive says:

    This is raw, unedited combat film footage that was shot silent. Stay tuned to the Vietnam Playlist and we will be posting fully edited sound films as well.

  6. Why there is no sound in these Vietnam War videos?

  7. Buyout Footage Historic Film Archive says:

    Yes, the uploaded file is 1080p HD.

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