HD Historic Stock Footage – Vietnam War Binh Dinh Province 1967

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Vietnam 1967 Binh Dinh Province
1st Squadron, 9th Calvary Regiment, 1st Calvary Division, Binh Dinh Province, Vietnam 07/26/1967. Aerial view of terraced rice field in Vietnam. LS air-to-air view of two OH-13 Sioux scout observation helicopters (Whites) in flight over terraced land. AV, OH-13 Sioux observation helicopter flies low over rice paddies. Closer AV of village huts and roads. UH-1D “Huey” helicopters (Blues) in flight. Use of CS gas munitions (tear gas) in Vietnam. UH-1D copters (Blues) fly thru layers of smoke which may be CS gas (tear gas) caused by exploding crystals dropped in 55-gal barrels and exploded prior to hitting the ground. LS aerial view of UH-1D landing and soldiers off loading from helicopter.

U.S. soldiers moving through field of knee high grass in Vietnam, soldier with radio on back. Soldiers climb grass covered hillside, OH-13 Observation helicopter overhead. Soldiers enter rugged and tangled area of brush and trees. Soldiers take rest break, CU of soldier smoking, soldier drinks from canteen. A soldier holding weapon smiles. A soldier with radio on back and holding rifle watch as another soldier climbs out of a smoking and burning rocky cave. Shows A soldier suffering from the heat is helped by other soldiers to walk across large boulders. Shows soldiers crossing a shallow stream. MCU, heat stroke victim (soldier) is supported upright as water from canteen is poured on his head and chest.

RV of two soldiers. The one further forward, fires rifle into woods. Soldiers approach a thatched roof Vietcong shrine. CU of soldier looking into shrine. CU of hand holding a zippo type cigarette lighter near grass roof of shrine, flame from lighter ignites grass roof. Shows Vietcong shine in flames. AVs, dusk. A few UH-1Ds, very low, their blinkers flashing, about to land. Darkened terrain from copter lifting off.

Soldier sweeps road for mines. Two soldiers follow slowly. CUs, sweeper (PD-159); SP4 wearing earphones. Two vehicles of the Blue team of D Troop, a motorized version of the Blues, parked in road to secure area 50 km NE of Ankhe on Highway #1.

CU behind driver of jeep under way. Cut to RV of Lt of D Troop studying a map in jeep, CU of map. Shows Jeep mounted M40 106mm recoilless rifle, Jeep parked at side of road. Soldier looking through binoculars or field glasses. CU, shell removed from container and placed in breech of M40 recoilless rifle. Soldier sights 106mm rifle, rifle fires. Smoke rises from distant hillside.

CU of SP-4 looking thru binocs. Soldier sighting M40-106mm recoilless rifle at target on distant hillside. Brief images of M40-106mm recoilless rifle mounted Jeep quickly pulls into firing position at side of road. Solder jumps out with weapon and goes into crouched guard position. VS, soldiers at the ready keep watch for sniper fire along the perimeter, another soldier looking thru binocs. CU of soldier with ammo belt across shoulder. Pan r/l showing wide expanse and rugged mountains in background. Back to soldiers on the alert.

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