HD Historic Stock Footage Vietnam War 1967 OPERATION BAKER | VIETCONG

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Vietnam War 1967 – Operation Baker
Footage of the 3rd Brigade, 25th Infantry Division troops and tanks engaged in combat with Vietcong insurgents in the Quang Ngai Province of Vietnam. Bodies of dead Vietcong.

Unedited footage. UH-1D flies over beach and coastline of Vietnam. Soldiers take cover in prone positions behind sand mounds as they come under heavy enemy fire. Large flight of UH-1D helicopters come in for landing, raising a great deal of sand. Soldiers advance across sandy field. Soldiers take cover behind embankment. Soldiers with a sentry dog move out across field. Soldiers run across sandy field and enter jungle.

Two M-48 tanks in position at tree line. Soldiers under cover in ditch. Long shot of smoke rising from jungle as aircraft bomb Vietcong positions. Aircraft provide close air support for ground troops. M-48 tanks move forward. Soldier manning M-60 machine gun from ditch. Tank and soldiers enter village. Tanks and soldiers pass through wrecked village. M-48 tank pushing over trees. Soldiers walk past burning hut. Soldier throws grenade into tunnel opening. Soldiers slowly enter village. Scene of burning hut, Vietnamese woman and children in foreground. Close up of burning hut, soldiers in foreground. Close-up hot, sweating soldiers walking. Soldier setting fire to hut. Close up shots of individual soldiers. Officer speaks on PRC-25 field radio. Close up of African-American soldier with image of playing card spade on helmet. Long shot UH-1B helicopter attacking enemy positions.

Soldiers move past burning hut. Soldiers behind M-48 tank. M-113 APC moves into position with M- 48 tanks. African-American soldier speaks on PRC-25 field radio. Tanks and soldiers move toward village. UH-1D helicopter circles overhead. Soldier shoots water buffalo. Soldier checks dead water buffalo. Women and children huddle together in brush. Tanks and soldiers in wrecked village. Smoke coming out of tunnel entrance. Women and children watch soldiers. Officer shoots cow with pistol. Soldier at 50 caliber machine gun top M-113 APC. M- 48 tanks and soldiers on the move. Close-up of Vietnamese women and children huddled together in village. Soldiers look at bodies of dead Vietcong. Soldier looks at Vietcong weapons.

Medic places bandage on face of U.S. soldier. Soldier puts an Ace of Spades playing card in dead Vietcong’s mouth. Close-up of Ace of Spades card in mouth of dead Vietcong. Soldiers help wounded soldier to helicopter landing area. Soldiers check papers on body of dead Vietcong that has an Ace of Spades poker card in his mouth and a hole in his chest.
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