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Vietnam 1967 – Tunnel Rats – 25th Infantry Div.
Two U.S. soldiers standing over Viet Cong tunnel opening. Shot from inside tunnel of faces of two U.S. Tunnel Rats looking down into tunnel while holding a flashlight and their pistols. A U.S. Tunnel Rat lowers himself into Vietcong tunnel. CU of soldier’s hand holding pistol and light as he uses other hand to feel for booby trap or anti-personnel mine. CU, sweating soldier moves along tunnel. Second Tunnel Rat drops down into Viet Cong tunnel. Soldier with gun and flashlight comes around bend of tunnel. CU, suspected grave marker in tunnel (found to be designated sleeping area). VS, soldiers hauling captured equipment out of tunnel.
CU of U.S.Tunnel Rat entering a Viet Cong tunnel and feeling for booby trap. Soldier enlarging tunnel with an entrenching tool or “E-tool”. View down Vietcong tunnel. MS, wooden door on tunnel ceiling. MS, wooden floor in tunnel.

Vietnam 1967 – Civic Construction Projects
Painting Cho Ray Hospital
Various scenes of the grounds of the Cho Ray hospital in Saigon, South Vietnam, bushes cut (trimmed) into shapes of animals. Young children running and playing on the hospital grounds. U.S. and Vietnamese soldiers eating in hospital library. U.S. and Vietnam soldiers scraping and painting the walls of a hospital building. CU of young Vietnamese boy watching soldiers work.
U.S. Seabees aid school program in Da Nang, South Vietnam
A collection of $208 was made by men of the Mobile Construction Battalion 58 (Seabees) and Protestant Women of Quonset Point, Rhode Island for the Cultural and Vocational High School. Commander W. W. Degroot, CO of the Seabees, presents the check to Mr. Vo Ngoo Ky, Chairman of the school board. Chaplain R. E. Blade looks on. Commander Degroot presents certificate to 10- year-old Le-Van-Ha making him an honorary member of the Mobile Construction Battalion 58 for helping the Seabees during construction work. CU image of certificate. Le-Van-Ha is presented with a Seabee cap. Shows several other Vietnamese children waving at camera. Shows Vietnamese children in a classroom at the school. Various scenes of Vietnamese boys playing on the school grounds.

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