HD Historic Archival Stock Footage Vietnam War Task Force Oregon PsyOp S-5

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Vietnam 1967 Task Force Oregon PsyOp S-5

Activity of Psy-op S-5
Unedited footage of activity of Psyop S-5 of the 196th Light Infantry Brigade. A-G views of airdropped Psy Op leaflets floating in the air toward terraced ground below in the Duc Phop District, Quang Ngai Province, Vietnam 1967. UH-1 helicopter in flight dropping leaflets.

Tracker Team Training
Soldier lying on the wet ground and aiming rifle. Feet of two soldiers walking on wet ground, tilt up to two African-American soldiers of the 196th Infantry. Soldiers slog in water of paddy. Soldiers walk by leaving their footprints in the sand.

Psychological Operations (Psy-Op)
PsyOp soldier of the 196th Infantry Brigade in airborne helicopter. Soldier wearing a headset with mic (mike) with his hand clutching a bundle of Psy Op leaflets. Soldier tosses leaflets from helicopter.

Activity of Tracker Teams
LS a soldier on the move. Five soldiers, one with a Labrador retriever. Soldiers walk carefully. (The mission is to be the point element on Search and Destroy patrols.) Two soldiers with short-barreled Sub MGs, probably XM177E2. A soldier with retriever on leash; dog is sniffing the ground. The dog alone trying to pick up the scent. VS, team on patrol. There are now two dogs: a German Shepherd police dog and a retriever.

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