HD Historic Archival Stock Footage Vietnam War Rocket Attack On Tan Son Nhut 1968

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Vietnam 1968 – Rocket Attack On Tan Son Nhut
Tan Son Nhut Air Base, South Vietnam
Unedited footage shot at night of flames from blazing South Vietnamese helicopter and fuel truck Tan Son Nhut Air Base. Footage of burned-out fuel truck and helicopter. South Vietnamese firemen spray foam on fuel truck and helicopter as flames break out anew. Firemen fighting fire of burning magnesium parts of helicopter. Shows several scenes of the difficulty of “putting out” or extinguishing a fire of burning magnesium or a magnesium fire. Flames get dangerously near hangar. Night shot. Flaming helicopter and fuel truck. Firemen spray foam on the blaze. CU, flashing warning light atop fire truck.

Search and Destroy Mission 03/07/1968-03/08/1968: Fire Base Normandy 1 near Lai Khe South Vietnam
Unedited footage of of U.S. Soldiers from the 1st Battalion, 26th Infantry, 1st Infantry Division on Search & Destroy Mission. Point of view (pov) of helicopter pilot as UH-1D helicopter takes off. Soldiers crossing sandy terrain at start of mission. Officer checks map, CU of Officer talking over radio. Shows American Psy-Op propaganda leaflet on bush. Soldiers pass in BG. Soldiers cross deep narrow stream alongside irrigation waterwheel. Two Vietnamese farmers picking tomatoes in field. Soldiers pass in BG. Shadow of soldier moving over sandy terrain. Soldier with M-60 MG (machine gun) on dike. Two soldiers resting on dike, CU African-American soldier holding cigarette. Officer speaks over radio, checks map with soldier. Soldiers enter jungle. Soldier checks tunnel. CU, tunnel entrance. Soldier looking about. Soldier resting. Soldier drinks from canteen. Soldiers walk across sandy terrain and enter camp perimeter.

Soldiers moving out of camp at start of mission
They pass barbed wire of perimeter. Soldier stoops low to pass under heavy underbrush. Soldier with M-60 MG kneels, looks about. CU of Radio operator with receiver hanging from his helmet. VS, soldiers making their way through dense jungle. Soldiers jump across deep gorge, help each other across deep ditch in jungle. Soldiers going through dense brush. Soldiers with M-60 MG (machine gun) climbs steep embankment. More scenes of soldiers in dense underbrush. Soldier wipes perspiration from his brow. Soldiers making their way through the dense foliage. Soldiers cross grassy clearing. Soldier with a scout dog (war dog) on patrol. Soldiers pass through area of burning grass and brush from a previous air strike. CU, smoking tree limb. Soldiers walk on scorched ground. Trees ablaze in BG. Soldiers cross open area and approach perimeter of camp. Soldiers fill canteens from water trailer. Soldier puts his head under faucet of trailer and lets water pour over him. CU, soldier dripping water. Soldier pours water from canteen over his bare feet; another soldier pours water over his head.

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