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Vietnam 1967 – The Razorbacks
Location Saigon Vietnam 1967. Aerial view of houses ablaze during attack on V.C. (Vietcong) platoon hiding in area. Silhouette of helicopter against a dark sky coming in for landing. A-G shots of three separate fires, heavy smoke rising from buildings. G-A, LS two circling helicopters, Marine looking out of concrete structure. LS two puffs of smoke as helicopter fires two rockets. G-A, LS of circling helicopter, Marine sitting on top of bunker emplacement in FG, smoke rising from fires. CU Aircraft nose art, insignia of a “Razorback” painted on side of helicopter gunship in red. Pan to show 24 rocket tubes mounted on ‘copter.

CU SP4 Fred L. Rexer, of Houston, Texas, cleaning machine gun. CU Rexer, cleaning machine gun. CU Face of Rexer, his face is quite dirty. CU Two US Army personnel working on helicopter engines. CU man of Razorback Squadron working on ‘copter motor. CU of man’s hands using wrench to to loosen bolt on helicopter engine. More footage of helicopter crewman cleaning machine gun. CU rocket tubes mounted along lower side of UH-1 Huey helicopter gunship. CU Man loading rockets, (2.75 inch rockets), into rocket tubes. CU Crewman loading rockets into rocket tubes of UH-1 Huey helicopter. MCU Side view, UH-1 Gunship preparing for take- off, rotors engaged. CU Empty rocket tubes in which rockets were shipped; pan to show gunship taking off. MS Rear view, gunship flying low. CU Gunship, situated aboard unidentified ship, takes off, hovers above deck. Rear view, pilot and co-pilot at controls of helicopter, CU Rear view, co-pilot.

MS Smoke rising from ground as seen thru windshield in FG; pilot and co-pilot in FG in silhouette. MS Single house in clearing as seen from ‘copter flying over; smoke rising from grove of banana trees and house where V.C. were hiding. A-G CU Over roofs of buildings and hangers, large holes seen in roofs. A-G MS Flat terrain. A-G CU Pan over outlying area of Tan Son Nhut Air Base showing damage. CU Door gunner firing machine gun at house in banana grove. CU Rear view, pilot and co- pilot at controls, smoke rising from house and trees in BG as helicopter heads toward area, firing rockets. CU Over shoulder of co-pilot at house in BG. A-G CU Over many buildings with roofs caved in, holes in roofs from rockets; pan to show buildings at Base area damaged by V.C. (Vietcong).

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