HD Historic Archival Stock Footage Vietnam War Paratrooper Drop 1966 Reel 2

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Vietnam 1966 – South Viet Paradrop: Reel-2
Unedited footage of parachute drop in Vietnam in 1966; Vietnamese Paratroopers and American Combat Control Team jump from Lockheed C-130 Hercules transport aircraft and C-123B Provider transport plane. Vietnamese paratroopers boarding C-130B aircraft. LS of two Lockheed C130B transport planes, C-130B takes off from Tan Son Nhut Air Base. C-123B in low flight after take off from Tan Son Nhut Air Base. Vietnamese Paratroopers jumping from door of C-130B transport plane. CU of red jump light at C-123B jump door, red light goes off green jump light flashed on. Aerial LS RVN (Republic of Vietnam) C-47A in flight with a U.S. CH-3C helicopter flying alongside. Excellent CU footage of USAF Combat Control Team jumping from both sides of C-123B aircraft.

Footage of Combat Control Team jumping from both sides of C-123B aircraft, views of partially opened parachutes flash by camera plane. CU of Airborne Troops jumping from both sides of Lockheed C-130 Hercules transport aircraft. CU of cargo (supply) chutes being shoved out of door of Douglas C-47 Skytrain transport plane. More troops parachuting from C-130 Hercules aircraft. Aerial view of Combat Control Team control post, red ground signal panels and smoke from signal grenades.

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5 thoughts on “HD Historic Archival Stock Footage Vietnam War Paratrooper Drop 1966 Reel 2

  1. TheYoutubeGuy says:

    Me and the boys dropping at Tilted Towers.

  2. Larry Hoyt says:

    I was there I think when this practice jump happened but did not get to jump. I was in the First Cav 1/12 when it went from airborne to leg. We were told if we didn’t agree to go jump we would lose our jump pay. They didn’t call for me and I still got jump pay. Kind of silly. Cool picture of C 123. I didn’t know they used them for jumping.

  3. monkeyskull1 says:

    Just thinking about how my grandpa was one of these paratroopers. Bless them all

  4. Christopher von Bronsart says:

    is it possible to get this footage in 4:3 aspect ratio? the preview movie seems to be unproportionally scaled…

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