HD Historic Archival Stock Footage Vietnam War Paratrooper Drop 1966 Reel 1

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Vietnam 1966 – South Viet Paradrop: Reel-1
Unedited footage of parachute drop in Vietnam in 1966; Vietnamese Paratroopers and American Combat Control Team jump from Lockheed C-130 Hercules transport aircraft and C-123B Provider transport plane. Shows Vietnamese Paratroopers jumping from door of transport plane. LS, air-to-air scene of parachute canopies opening as Airborne Troops jump from transport plane (shot from another aircraft). Vietnamese troops on ground assembling and going toward the equipment and supply drop area. Shows supply (cargo) chute landing in jump area. Shows Vietnamese behind embankment with rifles at ready. Squad of Vietnamese moving across clearing, supply chutes in sky. CU of American Combat Control Team soldier firing a flare pistol. More supply chutes dropped. C-123B Provider transport plane drops Combat Control Team paratroopers directly overhead of ground camera.

Soldier of the Combat Control Team lands and immediately makes radio contact. African-American wearing airborne beret with radio soldier talking on radio. Combat Control Team sets up control point post) with radio, smoke bomb, and firing of flare pistol. Airborne Troops jump from two C-130 in flight directly overhead. Sky is filled with parachute canopies. Shows soldiers at control point (post), helicopter taking off in BG. Smoke (signal) grenade tossed by soldier tumbles along ground sparking; soldier tosses another smoke (signal) grenade. Red signal panels are laid on ground. Ground-to-air footage of parachute canopies. CU of radio soldier taking on radio and looking skyward. Images of Airborne Troops jumping and landing in clearing. Combat Control Team member setting up a radio beacon at the control point.

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