HD Historic Archival Stock Footage Vietnam War 1970 Assault Nui Ba Den Mtn. Vol 2

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True HD direct film transfer historic archival stock footage

Vietnam 1970: Assault Nui Ba Den Mtn. – Voumel 2 (HD)
Color film. Soldiers waiting in dense growth on mountainside. VS, soldiers making, their way down steep rocky terrain. Emulsion dirt on the following scenes. Soldiers board UH-1D helicopters. The helicopters take off. From inside CH-47 as soldiers come on board. Soldier waiting to descend mountain. Air strike near base of mountain. Soldiers move out and start down the mountainside. LS, UH-1D medical helicopter flies in. Jungle penetrator is lowered and a wounded man is lifted to the helicopter. Soldiers on jungle trail on mountainside. Remainder of scenes are free of emulsion dirt. UH-1D comes in with sling load of supplies. UH-1D hovering over drop zone. Soldiers searching cover on rocky mountainside. Officer speaks over radio. Soldiers remove Vietcong ammunition from cave. AH-1G helicopter attacking enemy positions with MGs and rockets. Soldiers make their way over boulders at base of mountain. Jet streaks past. Soldier fires M16 rifle from behind rocks. Soldier having his arm bandaged

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