HD Historic Archival Stock Footage Vietnam War 1968 Search of Villagers | 1st Bn., 50th Inf

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Vietnam 1968: Search of Villagers
Color film. 1st Bn, 50th Infantry, 173D ABN BDE. Soldiers bringing in women from village of Phu boc. VS, woman being questioned. She points to places on map. Soldiers search huts, bunkers and tunnel. Women suspects are rounded up. One of the women, a suspected NVA nurse, is holding a baby. She is led away. Soldiers cross field to village. Soldier talks with old woman in village. She points to bunker. CU, bunker entrance. Soldiers search huts. Suspected NVA nurse is interrogated. Soldiers bring in two villagers. Villager is questioned. UH-1D lands in field near M-113 APCs. Suspects are led to copter. Soldiers by M-113s watch. UH-1D takes off.

Pan from village to M-113s. An M-42 twin SPmm gun, drives past. Travel shot of M-113s under way. Two M-48 tanks raise dust as they move out. Travel shot of two M-42s, traveling over sandy terrain. M-113s in positions outside village of An Tac Tay. MS, CU, soldier at 50 cal MG on M-113. Soldiers make their way from M-113s to village. Villagers are led away. Officer questions villager. Soldiers stand guard over group of villagers. Soldier probes haystack with long pole. Another soldier stands guard with M-16 rifle at the ready. Soldier searches hut. Soldiers depart from village and return to M-113s M-113s lined up in rice paddy. Soldiers cross field. Soldiers cross footbridge over canal. Soldiers walk to M-113s and climb aboard. M-113s move into positions on field.

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