HD Historic Archival Stock Footage Vietnam War 1968 Search of Villagers | 1st Bn., 50th Inf

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Vietnam 1968: Search of Villagers
Color film. 1st Bn, 50th Infantry, 173D ABN BDE. Soldiers bringing in women from village of Phu boc. VS, woman being questioned. She points to places on map. Soldiers search huts, bunkers and tunnel. Women suspects are rounded up. One of the women, a suspected NVA nurse, is holding a baby. She is led away. Soldiers cross field to village. Soldier talks with old woman in village. She points to bunker. CU, bunker entrance. Soldiers search huts. Suspected NVA nurse is interrogated. Soldiers bring in two villagers. Villager is questioned. UH-1D lands in field near M-113 APCs. Suspects are led to copter. Soldiers by M-113s watch. UH-1D takes off.

Pan from village to M-113s. An M-42 twin SPmm gun, drives past. Travel shot of M-113s under way. Two M-48 tanks raise dust as they move out. Travel shot of two M-42s, traveling over sandy terrain. M-113s in positions outside village of An Tac Tay. MS, CU, soldier at 50 cal MG on M-113. Soldiers make their way from M-113s to village. Villagers are led away. Officer questions villager. Soldiers stand guard over group of villagers. Soldier probes haystack with long pole. Another soldier stands guard with M-16 rifle at the ready. Soldier searches hut. Soldiers depart from village and return to M-113s M-113s lined up in rice paddy. Soldiers cross field. Soldiers cross footbridge over canal. Soldiers walk to M-113s and climb aboard. M-113s move into positions on field.

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34 thoughts on “HD Historic Archival Stock Footage Vietnam War 1968 Search of Villagers | 1st Bn., 50th Inf

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  2. Anton Crouse says:

    You are right. But the sound is deafening to say the least.

  3. Leaomartino Faria says:

    Formação do povo da Indochina… Indiano com Chinês… povo bravo igual abelhas!

  4. Nguyen Minh Duy says:

    Haha mỹ săn vc hệt như sau này vc săn polpot. Đm hài đéo chịu dc.

  5. Alexander Bruske says:

    was suchen die Kriegsverbrecher in Vietnam . Man sollte die heute vor Gericht stellen .

  6. Zulkar Nain says:

    Tang ting tung teng tong ora ngerti bahasa coment ne 😂😂

  7. Chúng mày ở đâu kéo đến đất nước tao , đào bới lùng sục cái gì lũ chó đói

  8. Meow Meow says:

    Tự hỏi liệu bọn lính này có hãm hiếp phụ nữ không?

  9. Phát Xuân says:

    Kéo lên trên mấy cmt toàn chửi vnch ngu như lợn , ăn hại :))) ! Đọc vui vl

  10. Miller Time says:

    Yeah I'm pretty sure they were rapist, seperating young woman from her son and mother. And these folks want to be seen as heroes???

  11. Mogambo Khushhuwa says:

    This footage should be named as footage of atrocities done by western on the eastern for no cause. Acpocalyptis by sophisticated one.

  12. thanh thanh says:

    lũ khủng bố usa. man rợn ngang ngược. dân tộc Việt tao làm gì chúng mày mà đối xử dân tộc tao vậy

  13. Khiềm Bình says:

    Những đoạn phim này là “ chến tranh Việt nam “ là vết nhơ của quân đội viễn chính mỷ 🇺🇸 và đồng minh tham chiến ( invade ). sau này tướng 4 sao William Westmoreland đã từng viết “ chiến tranh VIỆT 🇻🇳 NAM nước mỳ không có anh 🎖 hùng nào toàn một lủ ngu xuẩn , tôi cũng nằm trong số đọ “ .

  14. VN 🇻🇳 ,,, War 1945 – 1979🇯🇵🇫🇷🇺🇸🇹🇭🇳🇿🇵🇭🇰🇷🇦🇺🇨🇳🇰🇭 ,,,
    🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 đừng nhắc lại nữa ,,, chúng mày không biết nhục là gì à ???

  15. Binh Nguyen says:

    may thang linh nguy may thay dong bao tao kho ko.mot lu ngu ruoc giac vo nha.

  16. 3 khoang vong nô ơi xem đi có ác với dân không? Đấy cũng vì quá dã man và ác độc nên VNCH bị dân và những người yêu nước không sợ hy sinh đánh cho vừa chạy vừa tụt quần vừa đu càng là thế, oan ức cái nỗi gì mà không dám nhận

  17. Brotherb Video says:

    Hearts and minds. Can you even imagine a platoon of North Vietnamese soldiers rolling through a Texas town? Bet that would end well?

  18. Sergio Muñoz says:

    No me he equivocado en pensar desde que tengo uso de razón y conocimiento de la historia, que en cualquier punto de la tierra en que el ser humano se encuentre viviendo en independencia y libertad, Debe prepararse militarmente desde niño, para expulsar a invasores de potencia extranjera.
    Y prepararse de tal manera de dar aleccionadora respuesta a quien se atreva a tocar suelo que no le pertenece.
    Desarrollar el instinto asesino del hombre para responder a la agresión sin misericordia ni compasión…….Algo de eso hicieron los Nortvietnamitas, y debemos sacar lecciones, para que no vuelva a suceder un Panamá, o algún intento como ocurrió con Cuba, y hoy Venezuela.

  19. allen elswick says:

    VC viilage and easy one ground sweeped a little to clean.

  20. James Brinley says:

    Am I the only one who noticed the place on that map was called My Thang? Lol

  21. talented 10th says:

    I remember doing this same shit in Afghanistan. Roll up to a village our vehicles in fighting positions. I get out with my boss & the interpreter . we ask for the village elder & ask have you seen any Taliban, Pakistani or Arabs pass through here ? . Same reply as always ! . We look around give the elders some cigarettes then the boss would ask what can we do for you , when is the last time a government official has passed by. In my head I'd always be like , why do we offer them shit when the dont want us here ! .

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