HD Historic Archival Stock Footage Vietnam War 173rd AIRBORNE BRIGADE ARRIVES IN VIETNAM 1965

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Summary: The 173rd Airborne Brigade is the first US Army combat unit assigned to Vietnam. Bienhoa Airfield. Dawn. C-130 taxis in. Groundman signals plane to parking area. Ramp is lowered. Soldiers debark. MS, CU, two Sergeants of Company C, 5O3rd Abn, 173rd Abn Bde, stand on field. CU, 173rd shoulder patch on soldier. Soldiers stack barracks bags. Soldiers walk from C-130. LSs, C-130s on field. Soldiers stand about. M-274, mechanical mule is unloaded. MS, CU, soldier loads M-14 rifle ammo into magazine. MS, troops in full combat gear move out. Two C-130s taxi in. Soldiers stack barracks bags and other equipment on field. Soldiers embark on trucks. LS, troops walking on field. C-130 taxis in background. M-274s and other vehicles drive off C- 130. VS, Vietnamese crowd with flowers, flags, banners, and signs. CUs, signs: “Welcome GI”, “Airborne All The Way.” Girls in native dress stand in front of crowd.

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