HD Historic Archival Stock Footage Korean War – This is Korea Supplement 909

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This is Korea – Supplement 909
HA MS of twin mount 5-inch guns firing aboard the USS Missouri (BB-63) battleship at night. Low foot bridge crossing a river; troops are approaching over bridge from BG; several huts line riverbank in BG, at foot of mountains. HA ELS Extreme long column of Marines marching from BG, off to R, over a small bridge. LA LS United Nations (UN) cemetery on hillside, thin line of trees line crest of hill; Panning view of hundreds of crosses in hillside cemetery. CU U.S. Marines with Korean orphans and Korean Nuns. MLS Looking out over flight deck of aircraft carrier to F2H-2 Banshee aircraft with wings folded; planes parked and tied down. Ice on deck of aircraft carrier. HA MCU, numerous scenes of night firing of naval guns aboard USS Missouri.

Scene of huts in FG as big explosion goes off and huts burst into flames, debris flies thru air. One Marine is in RFG looking on; he ducks during the explosion. UN soldier tosses a hand grenade towards one of the huts; another explosion goes off, as grenade explodes in hut to L, throwing up a white column of smoke. One trooper runs towards hut, tossing something into hut. Brief air-to-ground image of bomb striking a bridge at night. Brief image of battery of 155mm guns firing. Marines crossing a foot bridge over river, mountains in BG. CU Two columns of Marines marching past camera, smiling. CU Two Marines standing behind a stone wall with rifles; an explosion goes off in BG, throwing up a tremendous column of flame and smoke; one Marine rushes over wall, followed by second Marine. Terrific explosion going off in mid BG. LS, Brief image of Marines in compound of tents tossing a football around.

CU Pilot, in his flight suit, Mae West; water is in BG. Douglas AD-5 Skyraider lands on aircraft carrier. Rocket breaks loose from plane and slides down carrier deck. A “Yellow Shirt” runs toward rocket laying on deck. A “Blue Shirt” carries rocket to a man in the flight deck catwalk that tosses it overboard. More scenes of naval gun fire from a ship.

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