Halo Landfall


48 thoughts on “Halo Landfall

  1. Galactic Marine #0111 says:

    ODST: "Package retrieved need immediate evac, over, package retrieved!" PELICAN: "Roger that team 2, Warthog inbound." ODST: (Comfused Screaming!?)

  2. l1wolf14av says:

    Why did the Pelican drop a Warthog instead of just picking those guys up?

  3. Jacob Dale says:

    I miss you Bungie

  4. JXLegends says:

    After all of these years, why has nobody mentioned how that one marine absolutely puréed that chieftain with the rocket launcher

  5. Javier Eduardo Santander says:

    still fucking sick

  6. Aw yes halo in its prime

  7. Vincent Silva says:

    I just keep thinking to myself that i can't be the only one what this could of been

  8. TheNaim116 says:

    Imagine being a medic, and you can't find the angel grinder.

  9. The first part always struck me because it puts the Human-Covenant War into context. All of humanity had to fight, and that means all of humanity had to be armed and armored. Back home there were factories running non-stop building every warthog, every rifle, every helmet, and every pelican. Imagine the world today uniting to build enough fire power to arm all 7 billion of us.
    All of that and we were still about to lose were it not for Chief.

  10. Truthwatcher says:

    One question-if this battle takes place on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border,why do they see Chief so up-close when he is about to land in Kenya I think?

  11. Sports Car says:

    Please please please come back!

  12. StillNoPickles says:

    Infinite needs more of this human struggle vibe

  13. Ruben Gonzalez Jr says:

    Where is the Movie! HALO!

  14. Thanos Saturn says:

    Remember Reach.

  15. Subdominatus Khepra says:

    Halo TV series better remind me of the golden days. Like this for example.

  16. Mostly Pixels says:

    The TV show won't be half as good as this.

  17. james miller says:

    God bless all the men and women that serve in the UNSC. This the worst war humanity has ever been in, everything else is just a tilly until this.

  18. Zach Bartlett says:

    This blew my mind when I was 12 years old.

  19. Preston Omaleki says:

    NOTHING will ever beat this "trailer". Fuckin documentary right here. If 343 were smart, they'd hire Neil back for another epic trailer leading up to Infinite.

  20. 6:42 anyone else laugh at the brute lol

  21. Serching4JerryGarcia says:

    What's the song starting at 6:00 mark?

  22. Weapons Free says:

    Fuck I forgot how epic that was

  23. Byron ‘92 says:

    I hope the new show is good enough they make a long series 🤞🏼

  24. Mudd RuddEr says:

    I remember being excited about this.
    if only they did this based around the incident at instillation 343 (guilty spark)

  25. Serious X says:

    There's a Halo series coming to Paramount +

  26. Ciaphas Cain says:

    We had such high hopes something would come of this….

  27. Jeremy Hernandez says:

    if this was the budget for infinite they would have been done already

  28. Alejandro Hernandez says:

    Si saben que ya esta continuando con la serie en pleno 2021 ya incluso hay imágenes oficiales.

  29. Jackie Mehoff says:

    The guy who made Chappie and district 9 is behind this great short movie.

  30. ImVeryBrad says:

    This is still so fucking epic

  31. ADARKWIND says:

    Yo if someone comes and sees bungie a got 666k subscribers right now.

  32. styupid playz says:

    Odst on the passenger seat "I'm hit"
    The odst driving "suck it up"
    Makes you notice the things that separates them from marines.

  33. Andres ortiz says:

    Why aren't we funding this!?

  34. RDMEditor says:

    Anyone here after the announcement of the Halo TV series?

  35. Jorge Montenegro says:

    Neill Blomkamp (the director of this short film) really knows how to take a fairytale to the raw reality

  36. elmer navarro says:

    Og halo had the best trailers change my mind

  37. Abi 2wild says:

    This is my opinion odst are the best

  38. UltraRichterian says:

    If I was chief when I finally got back to Earth, I'd give all of my awards and medals to these ODST's and marines that literally went up against brutes that are a solid 8 ft tall (2-3 feet taller than themselves)

  39. mindofmyown333 says:

    This still holds up

  40. Tommy Cha says:

    These guys should be the ones making the upcoming tv series 😮

  41. weezereli1996 says:

    6:06 Bobby Shmurdas hat has been found

  42. Dawson Rauch says:

    The first half takes mad inspiration from black hawk down

  43. lilnuggetdude says:

    Neill Blomkamp needs to write and direct a feature length Halo movie…

    Change my mind…

  44. 6:40 and here see the customary greeting from Earth to an visiting Extraterrestrial life form.

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