Gwadar Protests I How Imran Khan’s Baloch Problem Threatens Xi’s BRI I Crux Decode With Zakka Jacob

In 2015, China promised to transform Gwadar port as part of CPEC. However, 6 years later people in Gwadar are protesting against Xi Jinping’s ambitious project. As the cloud of uncertainty looms over CPEC, Zakka Jacob Decodes the implication of a potential cancel.
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0:00 – Introduction
1:56 – Gwadar Termed The ‘Crown Jewel Of CPEC’
2:36 – Why Was Gwadar’s Selection So Surprising?
3:17 – Why Did China Bet On Gwadar?
3:54 – China’s Concerns
5:57 – Why China’s Gwadar Dream Remains Unfulfilled

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