GUNSHIP – Fly For Your Life [Official Music Video]

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GUNSHIP has been described as a neon soaked, late night, sonic getaway drive, dripping with analog synthesizers, cinematic vocals and cyberpunk values, all exploding from the front cover of a dusty plastic VHS case which has lain forgotten since 1984.

GUNSHIP’s debut music video for “Fly For Your Life” is a short tale about demons that slumber deep in the human soul. The animation is from an original film called “Paths of Hate”, directed by Damian Nenow, and produced by Platige Image ( This film was officially licensed and edited into the “Fly For Your Life” music video by GUNSHIP.

Original animation officially licensed – “Paths of Hate”
Edited by Dan Haigh at
Music written and produced by GUNSHIP
Mixed by Carl Bown at Treehouse Studios

48 thoughts on “GUNSHIP – Fly For Your Life [Official Music Video]

  1. New Goliard says:

    The song and video are not connected. The video is from a Polish film Paths of Hate

  2. Elie Meyer says:

    Il me fait penser àl'episode b17 dans heavy métal de 1980 .

  3. Elie Meyer says:

    A' l'origine c'est un court métrage polonais .

  4. Seeker's GuidePost says:

    holy shit

  5. Tech at Phoenix Computers says:

    There's a sentiment of discord in the ruse. I fail to give in to that sentiment. I feel a hopeful vibe…we keep falling in love!!! Fight for your life. Cripes people, listen to their hypnotic vocals. It emotes a sense of anthemic course. There is a never give up, although it be a pathetic ending(poo poo) , sentiment in the video. Reaching for what you want is important. Always strive. Never surrender.

  6. Terra Incognita says:

    Пипец, и как я его проглядел??? Пожалуй, это самый крутой клип, который я видел за последние 10 лет!
    OMG 2021. How the hell i missed that in 2015, this is the coolest video to the song i saw, about the last 10 years i think!

  7. I don't know why but.. I've watched this like 15 times now 😀

  8. Awesome Track just can't stop playing this ***

  9. Piotr Badowski says:

    Its about us You know…. when we abandon our ideals, we cease to be ourselves and became monsters.

  10. Анатолий Кравчук says:

    Не знаю о каких чюдесах поют,но клип очень хороший!

  11. MMMHOTCHEEZE says:

    why does this have so many dislikes?

  12. Randurr Gaming says:

    Borderlands + Ace Combat

  13. Matt Simonds says:

    Just think, during wwII and wwI pilots had dogs fights

  14. Matt Simonds says:


  15. Eddie James says:

    I'm addicted to gunship right now straight afare

  16. telltale games… its you???

  17. WickedWookie says:

    Millions have died, Millions have been lead

  18. Dmitriy Shprot says:


  19. Jason Muse says:

    How are they dieing? Just asking

  20. rick thomas says:

    the CGI was absolutely amazing in this video.

  21. Daemon Bloodrose says:

    Hot damn that animation is great

  22. I've listened to this song at least twenty times now and each time it gets better. As a combat veteran, I understand the blood lust for my enemy. As a civilian, I understand the humanity side of things. It definitely is a balancing act.

  23. Kevbright777 Bright says:

    Please send this to anyone with a brain. This needs more views.

  24. Khari Owens says:

    when it looked like they both were going to accept their fight as a draw, and return home but then changed their minds at the last second wooooooooo

  25. Gabriel Dimitrov says:

    this is how everyone thinks war thunder dogfights play out

  26. Philip Boggs says:

    I've been listening to this song all day, love it and the video is amazing!

  27. Matias Werner says:

    Respeto a las personas , soldados , aviadores , marinos, que perdieron la vida en esta guerra.

  28. SuperDalek64 says:

    I finally get it after 6 years, the messege is that throughout time, innocent people die, but war, war will never die, long as we have corrupt leaders, which is shown at the end of the video when they turn into zombies and fade away but are still crawling towards eachother

  29. The Liamster says:

    This sounds really good.

  30. Maester Meep says:

    This animation is beyond jaw-dropping…😦

  31. какой же все таки это крутой клипт то-а.. великолепно💯%

  32. Reni Walas says:


  33. Reni Walas says:


  34. TheBaldyforks says:

    What an amazing film clip!

  35. Daddy Cool says:

    The representation of the planes is excellent. It would have required an in depth knowledge. A long project. The mannerisms of the pilots really portray the emotions and their connection to the machine. So much is happening, you could base an entire movie plot on this video.

  36. Marisol Juarez says:

    I was once in Love. I found this song at the apocalypse of my life

  37. Power Kontroller Synthwave says:

    Cant believe I'm just now seeing this!

  38. muttbone01 says:

    That was the most amazing video ever. Winner of YouTube right here.

  39. Dyllan Hill says:

    If The Borderlands series or Telltale games had planes 🥲😭

  40. toxic _uwu.__ says:

    That short stuka siren as they dive, nice touch

  41. CaMnPaH bapya says:

    Aum yamakanta khatuneeyars l Aum hiri shirthi vikrantans hum phat phat phat l

  42. The Phantom soldier says:

    The moral of the story hated can get you so far before it starts to tear you apart

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