Green Beret Shot And Treated On Battlefield, Walks Off Like A Boss

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An intense video out of Afghanistan shows a US Special Forces soldier getting treated for a serious gunshot wound and then walking off of his own volition.

This video is actually used as a military training aid for what to do right when things go wrong. As soon as the soldier is shot, he is moved to a relatively secure spot just behind the firing line. The medic immediately starts treating him for his severe bleeding. After applying the chest seal he then goes on to assess his casualty for further hemorrhaging while asking the wounded man about his breathing.

The soldier is quickly stabilized but must be moved even further back from the fighting to await MEDEVAC from the battlefield. Even though he is seriously wounded and drugged with morphine, he grabs his rifle and walks back to the casualty collection point. The medic then returns back to the frontline, ready to treat the next wounded man.