GODZILLA vs KONG 2021 | Battle FACE OFF | In Depth Combat Analysis!

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This video takes into account the hard stats when making a prediction on who is most likely to be the winner! If you were a fan of the Animal Face off Season on Discovery Channel, you will definitely love this. We take into account several battle attributes and discuss how these skills might affect each titan in battle! Sit back , relax, and watch as the two most powerful titans are put to the test as we discover who will most likely be the next true King of the Monsters!

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Intelligence: 0:33
Intimidation: 2:30
Aggressiveness: 3:47
Bite Effectiveness: 5:05
Arm Strength: 6:16
Battle Dexterity: 7:37
Leg Strength: 8:40
Agility: 9:47
Speed: 10:46
Terrain Compatibility: 11:34
Special Abilities: 12:33
X Factor: 13:39
Final Verdict: 14:20

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Music Composed by Alec Koff: Acquired from his exclusive Paetron

Disclaimer: This video will discuss hypothetical statistics between the two titans that will be featured in Legendary’s next Monsterverse installment Godzilla vs Kong. These stats are derived from known evidence from the films, novels, and observations from extant/extinct animal species. Please note that this is an unbiased approach to these statistics and we acknowledge that not everyone will agree to these stats. This video is presented for recreational and educational purposes only and do not assume any ownership of the creatures discussed neither do we claim that the information presented in this mini documentary should be considered official.