God of War – New Gameplay: Trolls, Exploration, and More | PS Underground

Watch this, then watch the rest of our videos on God of War: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLol_ykYs3OQ7a1nbOHZFNyxwGDmaR87os

Today on PS Underground: brand new gameplay from God of War, showcasing another one of the game’s trolls, as well as some of the off-the-beaten-path exploration elements in the game.

God of War arrives on PS4 on April 20th.

Rated Mature: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language

26 thoughts on “God of War – New Gameplay: Trolls, Exploration, and More | PS Underground

  1. J0S3PHX 810 says:

    its the guy from fortnite

  2. Duncan Torres says:

    How tall are the trolls

  3. ميلاني الميلانية says:

    Play station 💪💪

  4. ميلاني الميلانية says:

    Xbox one 😈😈😈😈

  5. Max Vidal says:

    Sony please acept a😢 minecraft beder to bheter

  6. MANU GAMING says:

    Lo sacaran. Para pc

  7. Nathan Young says:

    The blades of chaos is in this game

  8. Kyle Braen says:

    Norse Last of Us?

  9. Shirley Curry says:

    When does it launch on PC?

  10. Игорь Стромаков says:


  11. Goku Evil says:

    Xbox: sony vcs tem um console que roda 4k 60fps nativo ???
    Sony: temos o ps4 que roda god of war no seu roda god of war ??
    Xbox: Era só brincadeira, não precisa pegar pesado

  12. Adam Montgomery says:

    Souls of war looks good to me.

  13. God of War is now rpg? LOL

  14. TheRockFanNumber1 says:

    I need some help from a fellow playstation'er!
    Can someone please tell me how all this US game and DLC works on a EU PSN account?
    If I buy the Stone Mason edition of this game, which is the US version, will I be able to play that game and redeem the DLC on my EU account? How does all of this work? Will it have trophy support?
    I have already done some research on this matter and read other people's similar questions, they were just all very confusing, so I hope someone could make it as simple as possible, as soon as possible too, since I have to pre order the game soon.
    Please tell me as much as you know, I would appreciate it so much!
    Thanks in advance, and happy gaming! 🙂

  15. Caio Muroni says:

    Manda Vim português brasileiro

  16. Amadeusz Lewandowski says:

    is this the new dark souls?

  17. The Jeez Family says:

    Kratos is the type of guy to see a huge monster and still runs up on them like it's nothing.

  18. Darry Warrington says:

    I can't wait. Pre ordered already

  19. God of war 4 is not this same like god of war 3,2,1 etc. Rip best console game…

  20. مصطفي جواده / mostafa gwada says:

    هل يوجد اي عربي هنا

  21. Angry moon says:

    Kratos looks like an old man and the game play looks so slow. Is god of war dying?

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