Ghost Caught on Camera at USS Yorktown

It’s no secret that Charleston is one of South Carolina’s most haunted cities. This year the ETV production team decided to highlight a place with lots of claims of unexplained paranormal phenomena…the USS Yorktown at Patriots Point.

The USS Yorktown has a long history dating back to World War II. The ship was a safe haven for her crew and now is a symbol of freedom and liberty.

Our ETV crew decided to learn more about the ship and investigate the claims of ghostly events by spending the night on the ship with cameras rolling. What we didn’t expect was actually catching a ghost on camera.

Do you believe in ghost or do you think this is all just hocus-pocus? Let us know via Facebook and Twitter @palmettoscene.

A special thanks to the crew of the USS Yorktown at Patriots Point and USS Yorktown Ghost Tours.

28 thoughts on “Ghost Caught on Camera at USS Yorktown

  1. Moch Alit Wardana says:

    I am an indigo I hope I can join you there, someday I will be there on a ship full of interesting history, this ship is very historic there must be an interesting story they can tell. I saw there were some people like confusion there like waiting for someone but did not come.

  2. jerrydiver1 says:

    Ships make noises, even when they're dead, tied up in mothballs, etc. And a ship at sea makes thousands of strange noises that you can never identify. And when you're all alone outside the hull, on a moonless night far out at sea, you literally can not see your hand in front of your face. Your mind plays tricks as it is starved for input to tell it which way is up. And then those sounds become whatever it is that you're most afraid of. So I say, find me a ship, especially those museum ships that survived WW II, that doesn't have ghost stories in it's history.

  3. William The Huntsman says:

    Okay! I was super confused when they kept saying yorktown. I thought they meant the old Yorktown that sunk off at the battle of Midway. Turns out that USS Yorktown (CV-5) is still 3,000ft. below sea level and this one is USS Yorktown (CV-10)

  4. Owen Martinez says:

    So your telling me I slept on that ship and had no idea?

  5. Air, land_combat 2017 says:

    Kinda surprised the USS Laffey isn't haunted. The real Laffey sunk and is on the bottom of Iron Bottom Sound. Not to mention, I hear the USS Laffey suffered from a Kamikaze. Though, the USS Laffey that sunk is DD-459. The Patriots point one is DD-724.

  6. Charles Wheatley says:

    Slept there had no experiences…..The history of this ship is immense. Jocko Clark brought the wrath of the USon Japa.

  7. Monique Grant says:

    Sheesh explains why ive lived in Charleston my whole life and never visited the Yorktown 🙇

  8. Christian Jacob says:

    There are more ships whch are haunted. Like the H.M.S. Belfast in London. I haven`t seen a ghost but it was a strange coldness there compared with a massive feeling of panic … Happend in 2015.

  9. Gary Ball says:

    Now if you really want to see some ghosts go on the USS Forrestal and you met you may see a lot of ghosts I believe that's true

  10. Veronica Arthur says:

    In the laser light image the shadow is casting a shadow onto the floor. So creepy!

  11. Adrian Silva says:

    I stayed here with my boyscout troop and went exploring with a few other scouts at like 3am, and did hear strange sounds and noises that couldn't be explained while everyone else was asleep and I would definitely go back! That was over 34 years ago lol that place is awesome actually sick bay was the scariest!!!

  12. Radioactive Boi says:

    The is one thing more scarier than ghosts…

    Battleship guns facing at your ship. 🙂

  13. Caleb Richardson says:

    I did not hear any footsteps?!? Just a bang at the beginning

  14. Liberté Chérie says:

    Slapped Ham brought me here… Interesting footage, thank you years later…

  15. saladin hamza says:

    Ships are the most hunted place especialy cargo Ships cause there are less people onboard

  16. Christina Swim says:

    Thumblina 😍💖💋 Christina homeless to Hickory NC LR Blvd

  17. Jessica A says:

    I would go there just because I love history. Demons are sensitive to me they show themselves to me. Ghost are not real there demons that look like people.

  18. Terry Russel says:

    Years ago there was a TV program featuring Penn State researchers that went to many such places to document and analyze these phenomenon.
    They had a lot more equipment and personnel specializing in scientific as well as psychic fields.
    Amazing stuff.

  19. Sebastian_gaming Perez says:

    I herd that the queen marry is haunted like super haunted I went there with my family befor

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