German Combat Footage From The Eastern Front 1941 | Deutsche Wochenschau English Subtitles

Our intent by sharing this video is strictly unpolitical. We dont associate ourselves with any of the political or ideological viewpoints shown in this video. For us this video stricly serves educational and historical purposes and focuses more on the combat footage itself than on the agenda that was tried to spread in that time.

Deutsche Wochenschau (English: German Weekly Review) from fighting on the eastern front in 1941 with english subtitles.

This video captures combat seen from the perspective of the German Wehrmacht from various frontlines on the eastern front in 1941.


00:06 – 1:28 : Soviet aerial attack on german airfield with following german counter strike.

1:29 – 2:02 German XXXVI Corps with the Finnish 6th Division attack on Soviet positions in Salla, Eastern Lapland in an operation code-named Polarfuchs.

2:03 – 3:31 – German aerial bombardement on Soviet positions in Salla.

3:32 – 4:38 German planes attacking Soviet ships in the White Sea.

4:39 – 6:03 Members of the German Wehrmacht and Waffen SS in combat with soviet troops during the advance on Kiev, Ukraine. Soviet POV´s shown at 5:16

6:04 – 10:26 Wehrmacht in combat around Minsk and fighting at the Stalin Line a line of fortifications along the western border of the Soviet Union.

10:27 – 13:06 German bomber squadrons attacking Soviet troops near Lake Peipus.

13:07 – 14:54 German ground troops fighting with Soviet Forces at Lake Peipus.

28 thoughts on “German Combat Footage From The Eastern Front 1941 | Deutsche Wochenschau English Subtitles

  1. it's all fun and games until someone gets a bullet in the eye.

  2. Big Lebowski says:

    Ein Jahr spaeter und Leutnant Winter ist desertiert.

  3. Selfkill7 says:

    7:41 Anybody knows what "Adj" stands for?

  4. Danial XIV says:

    Most of them were not even Russians, they looked Mongolian or Japanese pow

  5. Moin Meister says:

    Krass, dass sowas wie Wochenschau-Folgen noch nicht von irgendwelchen besserwisserischen Grünen oder anderem linken Gesocks gelöscht wurde. Danke für den Beitrag!


  7. bullsnutsoz says:

    The work of the banksters trying to steal America right now!
    The people need to begin peaceably kettle-ing the police into group balls with good hearted humans absolutely surrounding them; then stripping them to their undies to shame walk them away thru our crowds!

    I will G/TEE you this wont last long when we begin human justice!

  8. buddhastaxi666 says:

    What a waste of a great army. What a waste of a great country. Marvellous society degraded by a dictator abusing all that skill and drive to evil bullshit results.

  9. nathan elmore says:

    I bet the German gunners couldn't hear a thing after a few months of that.

  10. savagex466 says:

    Did the stooka bombbers not have there landing gear retract ?

  11. GalaxyGamingOG says:

    Great mother Germany !

  12. They are in North Finland / Russia.

  13. Lord Levart says:

    Can someone tell me why aren't these "bomber" doing any escape maneuver and just being shot at flying in a straight line???

  14. Nick Thorp says:

    Insane to think they could conquer all of Russia. Germany had lost WW2 around this time. Certainly by 1942/43. 100 million lives lost and it made the Soviets stronger. Pointless murder. ‘Lest we forget’.

  15. Михаил Соклаков says:

    Ебаный Сталин , столько людей полегло и в плен попало из-за его тупости(

  16. Benito Sanchez says:

    That is what made those German troops so aggressive. All that red reindeer meat plus sourkraut…

  17. In Hoc Signo Vinces says:

    … then winter came and they suddenly couldnt start their tanks anymore

  18. I hope Germany wins ww3 after 2 losses 🙄😏

  19. MrToolfan4life says:

    Lest we never forget this brutal war.

  20. Thomas Andrejko says:

    It was a huge loss for Germany. They bite off more than they could chew

  21. Wo sind die deutschen Kommentare?😂

  22. 10:30 Does anyone know the title of the music you hear at this time?

  23. Alex Anderson says:

    They seem to have the war won

  24. Muhammad Bello says:

    The Finns were badasses

  25. Виталий Макаров says:

    Судя по этим кадрам и техника была в 1941г, и люди ( солдаты) , да вот командиры гамно.

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