General Collins Trip to FEC & Rescue By Helicopter – Sunchon, Korea (Dec. 1950)

Summary: LS, plane arrives at airport. MS, Gen J Lawton Collins gets off plane, meets officers. MS, nose of plane, the SCAP, Gen MacArthur’s personal plane. LS, auto arrives. MLS, MCU, Gen Collins confers with Maj Gen Chas P Cabell, director of AF Intelligence. MS, Gen Collins up ramp of plane. MS, interior of plane showing Gen Collins and another. CU, sign: “SCAP” on nose of plane. LS, car arrives. Gen Collins gets out. MS, Gen Collins up ramp of plane. MS, pan from propeller turning to nose of plane, showing name. LS, take-off from rear (plane on way to Korea.) MS, Gen Douglas MacArthur as he arrives at Haneda. CU, Gen MacArthur waiting for plane. MS, Gen MacArthur and some of his staff waiting for Gen Collins. MS, Gen Collins steps down from plane, greeted by MacArthur. MCU, Generals MacArthur and Collins. MS, Generals go to car. LS, car with Generals leaves for Tokyo. CU, MacArthur. MS, MacArthur greets Collins. MCUs, the two Generals confer. MS, they enter car. LS, car drives off (5 star panel on rear of car shows close before car moves off). ELS, from above of Tokyo street. AA guns mounted on half tracks move past the Dai Ichi building as crowds wait for exit of Gen MacArthur and General Collins. ELS, Tokyo street. General MacArthur’s car leaves Dai Ichi building. MS, Wm Sebald, Chairman Allied Council for Japan, and Air Vice Marshall C A Boucher, United Kingdom Liaison Mission, leave Dai Ichi building, after the meeting. MS&RV, Sir HC H Robertson, Lt Gen CG, BCOF, leaves after conference. MS, Vice Adm C Turner Joy and Lt Gen George E Stratemeyer leave building. MS, the above two men enter car. Collins leaving with Maj Gen Doyle 0 Hickey, Chief of staff to MacArthur. Collins and Hickey shake hands before former gets into car. RESCUE BY HELICOPTER.: Sunchon, Korea: 11/12/1950: LS, helicopter warming up to take off to rescue men seriously wounded on battlefront. LS, helicopter takes off from 8076 Mobile Army Surgical Hospital in Sunchon area. LS, helicopter landing after mission accomplished. MCU, pilot of helicopter (LT H W Moore, 3rd Air Base Rescue Detc.) MCU, Sgt gets out of helicopter. CU, sign: “8076 Mobile Army Surgical Hospital. Spirit of ’76”. MS, prisoner on litter being put in ambulance. Other Korean wounded also shown. MLS, helicopter showing the litter capsules for wounded at sides. MS, a litter capsule accommodating one patient. MS, CU, sign “Rescue” on side of helicopter. CU, tail end of helicopter showing US Air Force Insignia. MCU, Sgt testing equipment before takeoff.