@FreshandFit jealousy series EP3. @Aba & Preach Exposed: copyright strikes explained. #YouTube

In this episode, i expose Aba & Preach for who they really are..! I reveal the real reason why they came for FreshandFit. I have all the receipts, including video footage that was taken down. I also have the NUMBERS that show what caused all the hate and jealousy against the FreshfandFit podcast..
WHISTLEBLOWER: @bernytree66 video: why Aba & Preach can’t speak on Israel Palestinian conflict
I picked up on something not many have realized. Aba & preach are Agents of the same corporate system that controls the media, amongst other staples of our lives. Aba & Preach are Paid, bought and coerced to to promote the following agendas to the youth:
1 Legalizing/normalizing seggs work to the youth.
2 promoting the d*m@n!c creed “do as thou wilt”.
those who have eyes, go ahead and see
those with ears go ahead and hear
the FnF copyright strike incident proves this even further, as soon as they made a cry to the top, their wishes were granted!
stay tuned for more coverage on all the haters!! we just getting started!!!

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