French Soldiers In Heavy Combat Operations in The Central African Republic

Video footage shows French Soldiers in heavy combat with African rebels in the Central African Republic.

The scenes were released by the French Ministry of Defense and show the French army during several combat operations that took place during Operation Sangaris.

Operation Sangaris was a military intervention of the French military in the Central African Republic, from late 2013 till 2016. It was the seventh French military intervention there since the independence of the country in 1960. On 30 October 2016, France announced it officially ended Operation Sangaris.

According to Jean-Vincent Brisset, senior researcher at Iris, the name refers to the African butterfly Cymothoe sangaris, and was chosen because “butterflies are not dangerous, do not last very long, are considered pretty and are politically correct”.

In late 2012, President François Bozizé requested international aid from France and the US to fend off the Séléka, a rebel movement that had progressed to the vicinity of the capital Bangui.The Séléka is a Muslim and Northern movement fighting the Catholic South.[10] In March 2013, Michel Djotodia ousted Bozizé from power and became the first Muslim President of the country.

In October 2013, fighting broke out between Séléka elements and Christian self-defence militias called anti-balakas, and the State lost its ability to maintain order.

The United Nations and the French government started voicing concerns of potential genocide.

On 5 December 2013, Resolution 2127 was unanimously voted by the United Nations Security Council to allow an African-led International Support Mission to the Central African Republic (MISCA) to be deployed for a 12-month duration to restore order and end religious tensions. The MISCA is supported by French forces authorised to use any necessary means.

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42 thoughts on “French Soldiers In Heavy Combat Operations in The Central African Republic

  1. WarLeaks - Military Blog says:

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  2. Гусейн Мехтиев says:

    Побада за Азербайджан.Карабах это Азербайджан.🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇲🇷🇲🇷🇲🇷💪💪💪

  3. 이민영 says:

    Western world made africa and middle east to the hell

    Now They paying the price

  4. Why France is fighting there? Give me one fucking reason 🤷🏻

  5. Ah….les futurs Montaigne/Rousseau… Revenez en France les copains, y a du ménage a faire, et pas qu'un peu. Arrêtez d'aller crever pour de sombres intérêts pour des gens qui se foutent de vous et pissent sur vos familles.

  6. felix ngano says:

    French soliders are shoting aimlessly, any one who has seen the enemies reacting here?

  7. Kali254 tv says:

    Power hungry ppl, gready and powerful states like france put all this poor ppl in this situation.. aren't ppl ashamed while you ppl live on full stomatch .. this ppl can't even feed themselves.. instead of supporting one side bring peace.. unless you have interest there

  8. vfl WOLFSBURG says:

    France is the sponsor of terrorism in Africa to prevent the developement in African countries

  9. Levi Wenck says:

    I know people might disagree with me… But my heart goes out to the local fighters combating the seleka and other groups (it's complex to decide the moral high ground) who risk their lives on old recycled kits for probably less than $5 a day because they believe in protecting people.

  10. Dmitriy Zhurov says:

    Most of today's "progressive" Europe is rotten colonialists.

  11. French soldiers stealing in africa

  12. Kapil Rana says:

    All this shelling just for two guys..

  13. One thing for sure about the French, they are smart.

  14. Francis Gon-Gibbs says:

    7:32 he screams for “Morphine” 😔😔

  15. Sukanya khongchana love cat and dog naka says:

    I like VBCI 8×8

  16. Олег Самойлов says:

    Это что, иностранный легион?

  17. Zahir Mamodo says:

    What a waste of ammunition!

  18. Dominique Louis says:

    "Foule équipée machette" ça va pour vous les militaires français ?

  19. Crying Maguire says:

    oui wi sucki cocki mercy

  20. Drill Instructor Fitch says:

    Who are they fighting?

  21. Джон Сильвер says:

    Местные еще с мушкетами воюют..

  22. Ceyhun Çevikol says:

    team white flag


    France é meu ovo

  24. Simon Glenn says:

    Foreign Legion I presume?..give them hell

  25. NIO - 520 says:

    Congratulations to those who filmed!!

  26. Derrick L says:

    France= Colonial power in Africa, but has power nowhere else in the world. Washed up as a true world power 50 years ago.

  27. Yongwei Wang says:

    Heavy combat in African!? Great!

  28. Mark Yabrifa says:

    who is arming this guys is it not the west, these guys don't produce warpons

  29. TheDeVoiDAnGel says:

    Firing a shoulder mounted missile 1:08 REALLY!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! firing it against what?…… a spear!!! a rock!!!! harsh language!!!! this is Africa for crying out loud…. if the bad guys are really lucky they might have one gun between 10 of them!

  30. Keanan celie says:

    Colonial powers still present in Africa

  31. Keanan celie says:

    They fighting for free minerals in that region

  32. NGU SUSH GAMING says:

    Love and Respect from India 🇮🇳
    Amour et Le respect de l'Inde 🇮🇳

  33. BEST VIDEOS says:

    Go to hell, France. Leave people alone

  34. Arnaud Ehrsam says:

    pfff really!! many to u'r footage are TRAINING!! be more serious next time!

  35. Abas Ibrahim says:

    God plesave save my country 🇨🇫🇨🇫🇨🇫

  36. the leveller says:

    all the hardware the french used and @8.42 you see the terrifying weapons they were up against…… the rebels had a victorian musket, a shotgun held together with rags and half a broomstick!!!!! which could have had somebodys eye out

  37. Veritas925 says:

    Was that airdropped napalm at about 1:30?

  38. bloodNguts says:

    If anyone from Car reads this: do you want the French there?

  39. bloodNguts says:

    The oil wars continues

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